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Elden Ring: How to unlock 60 FPS Cap (Unlimited FPS) Guide

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If you are looking for a simple method that can help you get 60+ FPS in Elden ring, then you are at the right place because this PC mod can help you get more than 60 FPS in Elden ring on PC.

Elden Ring is a From Software game, so the devs have added a frame rate limit of 60 FPS. If you want to unlock or remove the 60 FPS limit in Elden ring, then you can use this tool to permanently remove the limit and enjoy the game without any limitations.

Elden Ring 60 FPS Unlocker Mod

This mod is a free-to-download mod that you can use right now. The developers of the mod have clearly said that this 60 FPS unlocker mod supports both versions of Elden Ring the crack version and the Steam version as well.

The main working for this mod is that it simply targets the game and removes the 60 FPS limit in Elden ring pc.

  • It does not modify any game files so its safe.
  • Works with both version of Elden ring as mentioned above.
  • Unlocks the FPS limit in Elden Ring.
  • Only for offline mod of the game.

How to remove 60 FPS Cap in Elden Ring

  1. First visit the link mentioned.
  2. This link will take you to the latest version of Elden ring 60 FPS mod.
  3. After that Follow the instructions in the github repo.
  4. Now all you have to do is download the mod.
  5. Enjoy 60+ FPS in Elden Ring.

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