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Elden Ring Build Tips: Which Class Build is Right for You?

One of the biggest releases of 2022 is just around the corner as FromSoftwae’s new title Elden Ring is releasing on 25th February. The hype surrounding the game is unreal as this is the first time FromSoftware is making an open-world soul-like game.

The developers are known for their spectacular boss designs and the tough difficulty of their games, but one of the aspects that makes these games so enjoyable is the build variety presented to the players. With so many diverse builds present in the game, today we look into which class build is the best for you.

Figure Out Your Playstyle

Before you start spending huge amounts of points on various attributes, you should know what type of playstyle you are looking for. These are the key things to keep in mind before you start making your build-

  1. Range– You should know at what ranges you prefer to play at, if you like to take on your foes from a distance then a mage build might be the best for you but if you want to get up close and personal you might not want to spend on attributes that enhance your magic abilities. If you want to go for long ranged mage build you need to focus on the Intelligence, Faith and Arcane attributes.
    If you want to go for a melee build you should focus on Dexterity and Strength.
  2. Survivability – You should know how much the survivability of your character matters to you, your preferences while levelling up will change depending on this.
    If you want a tanky build you would need to put points in Vigor for more HP and you will need to upgrade your Strength to wear heavy armour that will provide additional protection.
  3. Stamina Requirement – The importance of stamina in these games is as you know second to none, however some builds require much less stamina compared to others. Most melee focused builds need to put more points in Endurance which increases their stamina whereas ranged builds often put less emphasis on this attribute.
  4. Strength or Dexterity – Melee playstyle is by far the most popular way to lay souls like game within the melee builds players choose from strength scaling or dexterity scaling weapons. Although many weapons require both strength and dexterity, players usually specialise in either on of them.
    Dexterity builds focus on using advanced armaments and are generally quick and flashy. Strength builds usually have slow but very hard hitting weapons. Both builds are great but you should decide early on what type of build youll prefer if you are going for a melee run.
  5. It is recommended that you pick a certain framework for your builds and stick to it from early game for the most optimal builds.

Soft and Hard Caps

You should know that each attribute has its soft and hard caps meaning that after a certain level putting points in these stats will give you fewer returns and after hard cap, you will get no improvements. In Elden Ring, the soft cap is around 35-40 for each stat for once you reach this level on a certain stat you should focus on other stats.

This is all you need to know to get started making the build best for you in Elden Ring and take on the exciting challenges its world has to offer.

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