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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Fix Login Failed Error Easily

Are you facing an issue with a Logging error when you log into your Elder Scrolls Online account every single time? Does that make your skin crawl and want to uninstall the game? Well, DON’T do so !!!! As this article is just for you. Read ahead to find a fix for your problem.

Elder Scrolls Online is a very famous action role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios. ESO revolves around finishing many quests and random events as you explore its expansive world. Yet some are facing a slip as they’re unable to log in to the video game.

This error can prompt you with the message “login unsuccessful, AN unknown error has occurred“. As players all around the globe are restricted from taking part in the video game thanks to this error, it will get really annoying. But don’t worry, here’s everything to grasp regarding the Login unsuccessful error in Elder Scrolls Online.

Why does this error occur?

Multiplayer games like Elder Scrolls online have faith in servers to host all of their players. whereas these servers can work simply fine in most cases, they could go down on rare occasions.

Servers typically begin cracking harassed once there’s a surge in player numbers which sometimes happens with massive content patches. throughout such times, players will expertise errors like “login unsuccessful and an unknown error occurred.” Errors of this caliber generally forestall players from entering into ESO and should automatically be removed if they’re already logged in.

In most cases, the “login unsuccessful an unknown error occurred” error can resolve itself in a few hours, however, there are a number of strategies players will seek to do and manually fix the error.

How can this error be fixed?


The “Login Failed” error typically happens once there are too overwhelming demands on the Xbox One and PlayStation four megaservers.

Before troubleshooting, ensure to visualize the Service Alerts in the Twitter Support pages to rule out an outage or maintenance. You must additionally check your platform’s Service standing further. If your platform’s service is down, you must contact Xbox Support or PlayStation Support for more help.

If that doesn’t help then the following will surely will:-

  • If no server update is not going on then try to diagnose your own in-game server.
  • Look out for the live status of your particular platform to confirm if the servers are down or not.
  • Try to update the game to its latest version. If not done then do that ASAP and retry logging in.
  • Sometimes the root cause of these types of problems could be a detestable internet connection. So maybe check the connection of the place where you are trying to play the game.
  • Ethernet(Wired internet) is much more preferred than WIFI(Wireless internet) for seamless connectivity and fewer chances for the occurrence of errors.
  • Finally, if all the steps are unsuccessful then as a last resort you can connect to the Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) support center and generate a ticket through which their representative will guide you until your persisting problem is fixed.

That brings us to the end of this article. Hopefully, your problem has been fixed and you can have an uninterrupted & smooth gaming session after your glance through this article thus solving your Elder Scrolls Online Login Failed Error.

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