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Elyon Gold Farming Guide How to Make 400k+ Loot in an Hour

Elyon Gold Farming Guide Tips and Tricks, In this Guide, we will help you to farm more than 400k+ Gold in Elyon in PvX. All you have to do is follow the Guide till the end step by step, and you will start earning more and more Gold every hour.

Elyon is a free to play MMORPG designed by Krafton. The game is getting much more attraction daily, and people are finding Elyon much more relaxing and entertaining than Bless Unleashed and New World.

If you are looking for the best method to farm gold in Elyon, then don’t worry. We have just the Guide ready for you. Believe it or not, this article will help you farm more than 300k+ gold in Elyon.

Dimensional Portal – Exile’s Isle

Dimensional Portal - Exile's Isle Gold farming
Image Credits: Elyon official website

Dimensional Portals are areas that are unique and new, where you can find and acquire high-quality resources. There are 7 Dimensional Portals in Elyon, but our primary focus is on Exile’s Isle in this Guide.

Dimension Portals can only be accessed after completing the questlines associated with each portal. Each of these portals will lead to different dimensions. But these portals are only available at a specific time.

You can also farm many resources, and you can find fantastic loot like Gold, various items, XP and many other cool things that will help you level up faster.

Please note that before continuing with this Guide, you need to be at least level 40 to access the Exile’s Isle Dimensional Portal.

Elyon: How to farm Gold in Exile Isle

This dimensional portal is a weekly portal that shows up on your map every two hours so that you can visit there every two hours and farm in the zones in which key shop, and from these zones, each time a key drops it will take the person into four separate zones.

To kill a boss and gain loot, once he exits that zone, he can return to the main world, and once all the keys for an area are gone, a black merchant will spawn, and players will then have hearts from kills. They can spin their hearts at these black merchants, and these black merchants will sell you items daily.

It gets a little trickier from here. Remember that two merchants in the south give you different amounts; one gives you 100k, and the other 50k.

They give you dungeon conquest badges and a lot of XP in the north, so if you can PVP in here and get four hearts, then these four separate black merchants will give you a lot of loot.

This is a straightforward method that you must repeat over and over. Once you enter the game, you must check the merchants at the camp and the beach. You also receive 120+ gold for each kill in PVP.

You can also watch the video mentioned.

Things you need to keep in mind about Exile’s Isle while farming Gold

The Exile’s Isle contains both Neutral and Conflict Zones. Please keep in mind that if you die and resurrect while inside the portal, you will be resurrected initially, not on the Harth continent.

Obtainable Items

Defeating monsters on the Exile’s Isle will reward you with items called Mana XP and Isle Energy. The Isle Energy can be exchanged for Isle Essence, Mana EXP: 1000, or Tolerance Runestones after collecting 20 Isle Energy.

Exploration merchants accept Isle Energy in exchange for a variety of valuable goods. Isle Energy can only be exchanged a maximum of 100 times per week.

Obtainable Items in elyon gold guide
Image Credits: Elyon official website

Thanks for reading the article. I hope this guide was helpful for you. If you have any questions or need any kind of help regarding Elyon, feel free to comment on this post. If you want to keep updated with excellent gaming content, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

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