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Elyon MMORPG: All Errors Fix, Launcher, Crash, Client, VPN

If you are experiencing errors while playing Elyon MMORPG, then don’t worry. We have an easy fix for you. This guide will help you fix all the errors related to the game Elyon, so stay tuned till the end of the article to fix all problems related to the game.

Krafton’s Elyon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game. Players are free to roam a massively multiplayer world by completing tasks and quests to help them progress their story. The game storyline is based on two Realms, Vulpin and Ontari.

Multiple errors are ruining players’ experience, so we will try to fix all the errors one by one, You can attempt all of the solutions to avoid any errors in the future, or you can skip to the error you are here for.

Elyon Launcher Initialized Failed

Elyon Launcher Initialized Failed

Elyon Launcher Initialized Failed. Please restart the launcher and contact customer support. If you are experiencing this error again and again, then don’t worry. There is an easy fix for you guys.

Sometimes for an unknown reason, the launcher exe in the game’s directory is auto renamed to _Elyon_Launcher.exe. All you have to do is rename it back to Elyon_Launcher.exe (Remove the underscore). This will fix the issue forever. If you are still experiencing the error, try preparing the game files or reinstalling the game.

Game client not up to date error in elyon

If you are getting the error game client not up-to-date error in Elyon, then you guys don’t need to worry about this. This error is happening because the game is currently in early access and not available in many countries, so people use VPNs to join the game.

  1. To clear your DNS cache and reset your TCP/IP settings, follow these steps:
  2. In the console, type the following command: ipconfig /flushdns
  3. Afterwards, type: netsh int ip reset
  4. Logout of your launcher.
  5. Restart PC.
  6. Login launcher again.
  7. Connect VPN.
  8. Enter game.

I hope the devs will officially fix this error so that everyone can enjoy the game if nothing worked for you above. i will suggest you reinstall the game, change your MAC address, Use VPN or wait for the devs to fix the game.

An error has occurred while installing the latest client files

An error has occurred while installing the latest client files

An error has occurred while installing the latest client files. Please restart the launcher and contact support. If you are getting this error, don’t worry. We have an easy fix for you. I am not sure why this error happens, but you can fix this.

  1. Uninstall Elyon.
  2. Uninstall your Antivirus.
  3. Make sure vanguard is disabled (valorant anti-cheat)
  4. Make sure you don’t have any application that block bad network activity.
  5. Reinstall the game.
  6. Open the installation directory of Elyon.
  7. Right click the Elyon_launcher.exe and select proprties, Check always run as admin and save the settings.
  8. This will fix your error easily.

The game has closed due to an error in elyon

The game has closed due to an error in Elyon

If you are getting the error message the game has closed due to an error in Elyon, then don’t worry. It’s nothing to worry about. This error is happening with everyone because the game is currently in Beta, and many players are trying to join the game.

Which in turn kicks you out of the game. It would help if you waited for someone to leave. Just keep trying after every 15 minutes or wait for Elyon to increase the server space. Or you can try changing from EU to NA or NA to EU.

Game keeps crashing error code 20010

This error is happening because of the game servers. You have to wait for Elyon to restart and fix their servers. The admin team of Elyon said that this is because their server went down they will fix this issue as soon as possible.

So if you experience this issue in the future, the server went offline without any warning. Don’t worry, guys. The game is currently in BETA. This is bound to happen, but I hope the devs will fix everything as soon as possible.

Elyon Game is not available in your region

Download a free VPN called Proton VPN or any other VPN you prefer, quit the launcher, connect to VPN, Start the launcher again. Login with your account. Start Playing the game.

Elyon game not launching and crashing constantly

If your game is constantly crashing and not even launching, then wait, we have got you covered. These errors will happen because the game is in a BETA stage, and we can’t ignore that fact, but at least we can fix it.

  • Download and Install All in one Visual C++ Libraries.
  • Update your windows to latest version.
  • Make sure you are not on the Windows 11 Dev Channel.
  • Update your GPU drivers.
  • Uninstall your Antivirus.

Thanks, I hope I was able to fix all of the errors related to elyon. If you have any problems and questions regarding the game, do let us know we will try to help you as soon as possible. Until then, keep playing, keep grinding.

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.


  • Elyon Launcher Initialized Failed .

    It doesn t work , still keep rename it.

    Anyone have any solution …

    • I will suggest you remove your game, after that reinstall, disable antivirus and windows defender, and try again. This time just run the underscore version as admin if you are still getting the error.

      • I can t reinstall the game cos i am not able to install it, i download the launcher cos i want to install the game.

        • Ok there are two things you can do:

          1. Maybe try the steam version of the game.
          2. If the steam version isn’t supported in your country. Then redownload the game launcher from elyon official site and then this time install the launcher in some other directory and try again and let me know.
          • I live in asia so steam ver is not available, i try to install the launcher in another directory but the problem still there.

          • I try again this morning and now its working…weird.
            I use VPN for downloading i hope i will not need it to play the game.

  • please help me. I’m getting an error occurred contact customer support (1) I have it installed 100% but that error happens after I click play on launcher

  • Hey friends my friends game keeps crashing we tried most things did not work

    Error 99999 / endcodeext 00000
    Client terminated without code

    can anyone help ? or has same problem

  • It’s been 4 days since I downloaded this game. I’m still getting the launcher initialization failed 3 error. Not to be able to play, I couldn’t even open the launcher yet…Even though I selected every country with VPN, there was no change, I still get the same error. I deleted and reinstalled the game multiple times. I did all the suggestions but the result is the same..

    • did you try renaming the game.exe name? it’s the first step. If yes then try removing or disabling antivirus.

      • Yes i already trying that. I tried everything I know. Also, I don’t use any antivirus program. I have only windows firewall.

        • install game in different directory and then in windows firewall add the elyon launcher in whitelist so the defender wont scan the files.

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