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Error Code 0x8007042b Fix When Launching Game Pass Games PC

Gamepass for PC is a videogames subscription service from Microsoft. This service was launched on June 1st of 2017. If you don’t know what gamepass is or don’t know how it works, it’s simple, you understand how OTT platforms work, right? It’s the same way Gamepass works, You have to buy the subscription for it, be it monthly, quarterly, or annually, doesn’t matter. Then you can download and play any game you want from the huge catalog it provides.

Gamepass PC boasts hundreds of high-quality PC games, from different genres, different developers, and different publishers. It has a very wide and vivid selection of titles. First-party titles are available to play on the first day itself. Also, EA pass has been integrated with gamepass recently, yes, isn’t that majestic?

Remember, you don’t own the game, you only own the subscription. The games in the catalog keep cycling, new games will be added every month for a limited period of time and every now and the games will be removed. Gamepass is beneficial for the end-users, meaning the gamers. The service is a huge hit and continues to be so, even their arch-rival has started to follow the same path now.

But even Gamepass shows up with some or the other error from time to time, one such error is Error Code 0x8007042b. This error isn’t as intimidating as it sounds to solve, this is a quite common error and can be fixed easily. We will now tell you what can you do to fix this error, follow the below-mentioned steps one after the other until you have the issue fixed.

To prevent these kinds of problems, we strongly recommend you keep your system up to date. This means having the latest available drivers for your graphic card. Manufacturers optimize your specific GPU for the latest games and push out the drivers regularly, that’s why they’re so important. Here are the official links from where you can download the latest drivers, Nvidia, AMD, Intel Also, have the latest available DirectX version for your system, you can find them here It is also recommended to have the latest version of windows installed to avoid such problems.

Fix 1 Restart your PC:

Remember this, whenever you are facing an issue with any of your devices, simply restart them. This is the first and foremost thing to be done while trying to fix any software or hardware-related issues in your devices. This is the evergreen golden rule, remember to Restart. Once done, mostly you won’t face the error again, as most of these errors occur randomly and a simple restart would do the trick.

Fix 2 Start the game from the desktop icon:


Yes, sometimes the fix can be as simple as starting the program from its desktop shortcut. As I’ve mentioned before, such errors mostly occur randomly and can be fixed by working around them. If you don’t have the shortcut already available you can create one by

Opening the gamepass application > Navigate to the installed games section > Click on the three dots to open the options menu > Select to create a desktop shortcut.

Once you have done this, open the game by clicking the desktop icon. If simply running the game from a desktop didn’t work for you, then right-click the icon and run it as administrator, to see if this works for you.

Fix 3 Repair/reset the game:


In some cases, the game files might be broken or haven’t been installed properly. Windows has an in-built feature to repair/reset installed programs, it is indeed very handy. To do so:

  • Open settings. You can use the keyboard shortcut for it, which is Windows Key+I.
  • Select the Apps section.
  • Select Apps & Features.
  • Find the app you are looking to fix.
  • Click on the three dots and select advanced options.
  • Now select the Repair option first and then select Reset.

Doing so should fix your issue and everything should work as it should normally, If not please proceed to the next solutions.

Fix 4 Erase Microsoft Store Cache:

Sometimes corrupted cache files can be the cause of this issue. You can possibly fix this by erasing the cache data of the particular program completely. You can see your computer’s temporary files by opening Windows Run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key+R, then type in %temp% and hit enter. Find the Microsoft store file and delete it. Don’t worry as these are only temporary files and they will be recreated freshly once you open the specific program again. Once you have done this, see if the error has gone.

Fix 5 Sign out and Sign in:


This might also be occurring due to a problem with your Microsoft account, what you can do is to re-establish your connection with their server, to so so all you have to do is to logout and login back into your Microsoft account. You can sign out from your Microsoft account by opening the Microsoft store and clicking on the profile button and then click sign out. You can sign back using your credentials. It is also recommended to do the same in the Xbox app as well, and make sure you are using the same account in both applications.

Fix 6 Update your system:


It is very essential to be running on the latest available version of your Windows. Many such errors and glitches will be addressed with every new update, so it is suggested to stay on the latest available version of it. Verify whether you are using the latest version or not, you can do so by opening settings and then navigating to the Windows Update section, now you can simply click check for updates. If there is any pending update please download it and install it. Also, make sure the Xbox app and Microsoft store applications are up to date. Also, don’t forget to update the game you are facing the problem with.

Fix 7 Run WSReset:

WSReset is an executable command that resets the Microsoft store, technically it resets the cache. It is a legitimate way to troubleshoot Microsoft store-related errors. You can perform this simply by typing WSReset in your windows search and clicking open. Then a new window, a command prompt windows appear, and the Microsft store appears automatically.

Fix 8 Re-install Gaming Services:


If none of the above solutions have worked for you, you can try uninstalling gaming services. You can also uninstall the Xbox application if needed. Also, Try uninstalling the game you are facing issues with. After you have completely erased them from your PC you can install them back again, and most probably you won’t face any such problem again.


These are eight simple and quick ways to fix the error code 0x8007042b whilst launching any game pass game on a windows PC. I hope this article has been of help to you. If not, we’re sorry. What you can do instead is to contact the Microsoft support team, here’s the direct link

If you have any other issues regarding any other game, PC software related, or any issues at all, please feel free to let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have any other feedback, you also reach us at the above-mentioned platforms. We would love to interact with our readers!

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