Evil Dead The Game Tips and Tricks : How to Win as Demon?

It can be really hard to play the role in an asymmetrical game where you’re alone. Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical 4v1 game where there are four survivors and one demon.

The demon needs to do everything in its power to stop survivors from finding the required items and banishing the Dark Ones. But, if survivors achieve that goal, the Demon needs to do everything in its power to destroy the Necronomicon.

While the Demon role might sound like the overpowered and oppressive role since it’s a 4 vs 1, it can be very stressful and pressurizing. Keeping an eye on all four people, especially on a map this big, can be a huge deal. So, this article will help you with some tips to make your Demon gameplay easier in Evil Dead.

Demon Gameplay in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game Demon Gameplay

The Demon role has three categories which are: Warlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer. At the start of the game, while Survivors are looking for map parts and other loot, the demon spawns in a ghost form where they can freely fly around.

There are red orbs all around the map that can be collected. These orbs can be used to do many things, it’s like an energy source that a demon requires to do anything.

You can place traps that can jumpscare the players which increases their fear, and trap the loot boxes which also jumpscares the player when they try to interact with them, having a similar effect. You can also summon basic, elite, or higher-tier enemies using these points. Of course, the higher the tier, the more it costs to summon them.

The coolest thing when you’re playing as Demon is the possession mechanic. Players can possess non-living items like trees or cars and use them to attack the Survivors. Deadites can also be possessed by the Demon and every Deadite provides a different set of abilities.

And finally, Demons can also possess other players if their fear level reaches maximum. Then, they can attack the Survivor’s teammates using the possessed body.

Tips for Demon Players

Now that you’re aware of how the demon’s basic mechanics work, here are some tips that can help you achieve that victory with much more ease.

  1. First and foremost, be relentless to Survivors. Just because you spawn in a ghost form doesn’t mean you have to play hidden and be sneaky. You need to constantly interact with the Survivors and pose as many obstacles as you can in their way.
  2. While playing as Demon, you will get to every position on the map before any Survivor does so make sure you use this time to set up traps and other jumpscares to raise the fear level of survivors. Make sure your Infernal Energy is never low throughout the game.
  3. When Survivors are doing the ritual to retrieve the dagger and the other item, your energy will recharge very quickly and this is the time when you will be the strongest. Use this for your benefit and cause as many problems as you can for the Survivors.
  4. Sometimes, Survivors will leave one of their teammates behind. And you’ve seen what happens to the person that gets left behind or goes ahead alone in a horror movie. Go after the person who is alone and have no mercy on them.

That is all for the tips for Demon gameplay in Evil Dead: The Game. Hope this article was helpful.

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