Evil Dead Game: How To Unlock All Outfits (Complete Guide)

evil dead the game outfits

There’s nothing better than playing Evil Dead: The game with different outfits. You can look stylish while running from the demon or look extra scary while killing the survivors. This guide will tell you how to unlock all the outfits in the game and how to change outfits.

Evil Dead: The Game was released on May 13, 2022. It’s an asymmetrical 4vs1 game based on the Evil Dead franchise. The characters in the game include Ash Williams, Lord Arthur, Annie Knowby, and Cheryl Williams, among many other characters. As a survivor, you’re supposed to cooperate with three other teammates and defeat the demon to win the game. As a Demon, your sole purpose is to stop survivors from completing their objectives within the time limit, no matter what it takes, even killing them.

The game has a variety of different outfits for both survivors and demons. Survivors can look super stylish while fighting, or dodging, the deadites, while demons can look extra scary while killing the survivors. These outfits are currently unlocked by achieving various things in the game. Here’s how to unlock and equip all the outfits that are currently in the game.

How to Unlock all outfits in Evil Dead: The Game

evil dead the game outfits 2
Evil Dead: The Game Outfits

Currently, there are two major ways that are used to unlock all the outfits in the game. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, to unlock the Funeral Attire for Ash Williams, all you have to do is finish the second chapter of the game. There are five playable missions in the game and the second one is called Party Down! which is unlocked by finishing the first mission. Once you finish this one, you will unlock the outfit mentioned above.
  • Secondly, to unlock the rest of the outfits, you have to buy either the Classic Bundle, Season 1 Pass, or the Deluxe Edition of the game. Either of these can unlock the rest of the outfits for you which are as follows:
    • Hunter Outfit (Ash Williams)
    • Explorer Outfit (Ed Getly)
    • College Outfit (Scotty)
    • Firefighter-Themed Costume Pack (Warlord Demon)
    • College Outfit (Cheryl Williams)
    • Explorer Outfit (Annie Knowby)
    • College Outfit (Ash Williams)

How to change outfits in Evil Dead: The Game

To change outfits on any of the above mentioned characters, or for the outfits that are going to release in the future, just follow these easy steps:

  • Launch the game and from the main menu, head over to the Collections Tab. Here, select the character you want to change the outfit for.
  • Next, Press E on your keyboard if you’re on PC, R1 on PlayStation, and RB on Xbox to head to the Outfits section. Now you can select the outfits that you have unlocked for any of your characters in a similar way.

That is all for this Evil Dead: The Game outfits guide. Hope this article was helpful.

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