Evil Dead The Game Survivor Guide: How to Win as Survivor?

Evil Dead: The Game is developed and published by Saber Interactive and the game saw its release on May 13, 2022. It is an asymmetrical game similar to Dead by Daylight or Identity V where there are two sides in the PvP mode.

One side has four players that have to cooperate together to kill the final monster while the other side has only one player who has to do everything in their power to stop them.

The difference between games like Dead by Daylight and Evil Dead: The Game is that in this game, the demon, which is the side that only has one player, exist in invisible ghost form almost all game. While you can possess items, players, and monsters, you usually don’t have your own physical body.

So, now that you know how the game mechanics work in general, this article will discuss the gameplay of the Survivor, which is the role where 4 people cooperate together and also provide you with some tips to win as a Survivor.

Survivor Gameplay in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead Survivor Gameplay

The first thing that makes the PvP in this game special is the size of the map. When you load into a map, the size is massive. You even have vehicles that you can use to travel from one point to another. In some ways, this game works similar to a Battle Royale for Survivors because they have to go from one area to another looting items, weapons, and other things.

Apart from looting, the initial objective for the Survivors is to find the 3 map pieces that are laid in different locations across the map. While doing this, multiple NPC deadites will spawn around the players that can easily be killed. One thing that needs to be taken care of is the fear of all survivors. Fear plays a huge role and can easily turn the game to the Killer’s benefit if not kept in check.

After collecting the map pieces, the locations of Necronomicon Pages and Kandarian Daggers will be revealed to the survivors. At this stage, the deadites will spawn in a greater number and while Demon is not the main threat in this game, it could be setting up a trap that Survivors need to watch out for as well.

For the last step, Survivors need to banish the Dark ones using the dagger acquired and then protect the Necronomicon spawned from the attacks of the Demon player and the deadites in a small area. If Survivors are able to do this within the time frame, they win the match.

Tips for Survivor Gameplay

Here are the tips that can make your gameplay much easier as Survivor:

  1. If you don’t want to be shared among Deadites while they eat you, make sure you share the loot with your teammates. People tend to hoard everything for themselves especially if they’re playing with other random people. This is not good because it will make you untrustworthy and your teammates won’t have the required gear to fight with you.
  2. The first objective can be one of the hardest because you have to find 3 map pieces randomly located across the map. This can be made much easier both solo and while playing with friends if you use the map marking feature in the game.
  3. DON’T be friendly to your possessed teammate. If you see one of your teammates glow in red Aura, instantly attack them and beat the demon back out of them. The demon player can possess one of the players and control them if the fear of that player becomes too high.
  4. Remember when I said that this game is a lot like Battle Royale? Similar to most Battle Royale games, you can revive your teammates in this game as well. This can be done by collecting their souls and resurrecting them at the altar.
  5. Even though the time stops once the final ritual begins, Survivors are limited to a certain amount of time before that. This is also the reason why the map marking feature mentioned earlier is essential. You don’t have all the time in the World to find the items.

That is all for this article. Hope these tips help you become the best Survivor in the game.

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