Evil West All Tips And Tricks Complete Beginners Guide 2022

Evil West is an upcoming third-person shooter game developed by Flying Wild Dog and published by Focus Entertainment. This game is set to release officially on 22nd November 22 for Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S.

In this third-person shooter game, the player assumes the role of Jesse Rentier who is a vampire hunter and is equipped with powerful firearms including a pistol with six rounds, a rifle and a flamethrower, and some melee weapons like a gauntlet that can supposedly accumulate electrical energy and an axe. The attacks include stunning and staggering the target with melee attacks to render it useless and finish them.

evil west gameplay

Evil west gameplay

The players can also use their environment to their advantage as it is fully animated and interactable, for instance, players can push an enemy into an object or even push them into something lethal like a trap. Evil West also has player progression mechanics which include levelling up and unlocking new abilities and attacks.

As it’s gonna be the first play-through, it is recommended to go with the story flow as you settle into the, which according to the trailer, looks and feels quite challenging. Also, as you start in the game, you won’t have even the basic equipment or any proper defence so it can be a little challenging it will be wise to only focus on collecting as much as you can as it will certainly help your character grow and get you used to the collectable mechanics and familiarity. Most of the collectables which are 404 in total are used to upgrade your existing basic equipment like weapons and other accessories.

After your first play-through, i.e, completing all 16 chapters, you will have an option that will tell you to play the game again in a mode called New Game + which is basically the same game but with harder enemies and much better rewards and equipment.

important task trophies

  • Sever Forever – Tear off 100 limbs from enemies to gain this trophy
  • Pew Pew Die – Asks the player to kill 30 enemies using only electrical firearms.
  • Sanguis Aeternus – After earning all trophies in the evil west.
  • Calico – After visiting for the first time.
  • Adept or Die – After defeating the Bruch
  • Tricks and Leeches – after beating the parasiter.
  • Drop of blood – After defeating William Rentier can be unlocked.
  • Ancient blood – After defeating Felicity D’Abano.
  • Spark of Hope – after you activate the supercharged mode for the first time

important difficulty trophies

  • Novice – After beating the game on Novice difficulty or more.
  • Adept – After beating the game on a Normal difficulty level or more.
  • Expert – Beat the game on a Hard Difficulty level or more.
  • Weird West Superhero – after beating the game on Evil Level difficulty.

This is all you need to know before playing the game. Make sure to follow the tips and ideas to have the best possible first-hand experience yourself!

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