How To Expand PS5 SSD and Upgrade Storage With Easy Steps

expand ps5 ssd upgrade

From September 15, 2021, Sony is going to allow users to add an extra M.2 NVMe SSD to their console through the internal slot. This feature is in beta will be coming out tomorrow officially.

Sony gives a number of choices from where you can select the right drive for your console from the third party manufactures. Follow this guide on how you can install a SSD for your console easily.

M.2 SSD storage can be used to download, copy, and launch PS5 and PS4 games, as well as media apps. This allows you to increase the storage space available to you on your PS5 console.

M.2 SSD Requirements For PS5

ps5 ssd structure

The requirements for Sony’s PS5 has been officially made. They have suggested users to use only M.2 SSD that meets the requirements, so you don’t face any issue in the future, and you can check your SSD before buying.

InterfacePCI-Express Gen4x4 supported M.2 NVMe SSD (Key M)
Storage250 GB – 4 TB
Supported sizes2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
Size including heat-dissipation mechanismWidth: up to 25 mm
Length: 30/40/60/80/110 mm
Thickness: up to 11.25 mm (up to 8.0 mm from above the board, up to 2.45 mm from below the board)
Sequential read speed5,500MB/s or faster is recommended
Socket typeSocket 3 (Key M)
Cooling structureHeat dissipation with a cooling structure, such as a heatsink and a heat transfer sheet is required
  • Both single-sided and double-sided M.2 SSD devices are supported.
  • M.2 SATA SSDs aren’t supported.
  • Not all games are necessarily playable with the exact same performance as the current match speed for the SSD must be around 5.5 GB/s.
  • Note that all M.2 SSD devices meeting the described specifications will work with your console may not be true.

All this information is available on Sony’s official website. You can check the document by clicking on this link.

How to Open PS5

Steps to Install SSD

First get some things ready before you actually start opening your console and get that SSD upgraded. Make sure you have a screwdriver set, and you are in a well lit room, so you don’t have to worry about the lighting at any time.

Follow along to get started :

  1. Firstly turn off your PS5 Console.
  2. Take out all the cables and detach all the devices attached to it and wait for some time.
  3. Now place the PlayStation on a flat surface. Make sure to protect the back side from any damage.
  4. Make sure that the PS logo is facing down, and the power button is facing away from you. 
  5. Use both of your hands to lift the cover-up from the top of the console. Be gentle otherwise there might be chance of breaking it.
  6. When the cover is lifted you will see a rectangular expansion slot near the fan opening.
  7. Remove the screw from the expansion slot cover and then remove the cover.
  8. Do this carefully. Then remove the inside screw that holds your SSD.
  9. Hold the edge of your M.2 SSD and align with the other side of the connector in the SSD slot.
  10. Gently Push it inward and then downwards.
  11. Fasten it to the spacer with the screw. Make sure it doesn’t affect the cooling structure.
  12. Attach the expansion slot cover and fasten the screw. If it doesn’t close properly then most probably the size of SSD is not right.
  13. Put back the cover back again and now your SSD is installed.

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