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How to Fix Blurry Textures Issue in Far Cry 6 (Easy Fix)

far cry 6 blurry textures issue fixed

Far Cry 6 is one of the most awaited multiplayer games. But since the release of the game, there has been a blurry texture issue in the game. In this issue, the game looks pixelated and blurred.

There is a straightforward fix for blurry textures in the far cry 6 issues. In this guide, we will cover all the steps you need to fix the blurry textures issue in the game so that you can enjoy fc6 peacefully and without getting frustrated.

Many people have said that the HD Textures pack in far cry 6 can fix the blurry textures in the game, and some people are having issues with the Hd textures pack not working correctly on their system.

There are many other errors and problems with fac cry 6 that need to be fixed. You can check out our guide on them. We have covered all of them.

How to download HD Textures Pack for Far Cry 6 – Fix #1

To download the HD Textures pack, make sure you own a copy of the game far cry 6. The HD Textures Pack for fc6 can be found in the launcher where you bought the game from.

In my case, I bought the game from the Epic games store. If you are a Playstation Player, you can easily see the option to download the HD textures pack. Before trying any other fix on the internet, I suggest you try out the HD textures pack and see if that works for you.

Restart, Remove, HD Texture Pack – Fix #2

As I said earlier, the HD texture pack is not working for many people, and there are bugs. We are waiting for Ubisoft to drop a fix for the game officially, But in the meantime, you can try the following steps mentioned below.

Fix Blurry Textures by Restarting #2.1

  • After you have installed the HD Textures Pack make sure you restart your PC, PS.
  • Now make sure that no antiviruses are running in the background (pc users)
  • Run the game and this will fix the blurry texture issue.

Fix Blurry Textures by Turning off the Texture Pack #2.2

Sometimes the HD Texture pack doesn’t apply to the game, and it causes the game to be pixelated. So the best thing to do is turn off your had texture pack in far cry 6.

  • Open the game and select menu
  • Look for Quality tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you will find HD Textures Pack.
  • Turn off the setting and you are good to go.

This fix has worked for many people, So I will suggest you try this one if the above fix is not working for you. If you are not good with doing all the steps. I will recommend you wait for fc6 to drop an update for the game.

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