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Far Cry 6 : Fix Launch Crash Error, Crashing & Freezing

Far cry 6 as the Most Anticipated game by Ubisoft is now already on many PC’s, The game itself is really interesting and comes with amazing gameplay after Far cry 5, which is available to play on all the platforms.

For the PC users, it seems like players are getting crashes and errors. It is really tough facing those silly crashes and errors while playing or launching Far cry 6 through the launcher.

There can be many reasons which are causing the game to crash, as a PC game it is pretty normal to get these errors, but thankfully you can fix all those errors and crash easily.

Minimum Requirements for Far Cry 6 PC

First make sure your PC falls under these minimum requirements required by the game, but do not worry if it doesn’t. You can still lower down the graphics manually and play the game.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 – 3.1 GHZ or
    Intel i5-4460 – 3.2 GHZ.
  • GPU: AMD RX 460 – 4 GB or
    NVIDIA GTX 960 – 4 GB.
  • RAM: 8 GB

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Methods to Fix Far Cry 6 Crash & Freeze

Far Cry 6 crashing at launch is very common now, reported by the players, we suggest you follow the methods below one by one, checking which methods work for you.

Disable External Overlay

Close the External overlay which can cause the game to load slow and freezing while playing. Overlays are the features used by external applications which loads up and enables features to use while playing games.

The Overlay Feature are best for experience, but it can also slow down gaming performance. To Close Overlay go to the Desired Application (for eg: Ubisoft Connect ), Go to Settings, Overlay Options, and simply turn off the feature.

Reduce GPU/CPU usage

Reducing GPU or CPU usage can be the best solution for you, sometimes the game gets frozen and crash at the same time, it can happen if your GPU usage exceeds 100%.

Make sure to check the GPU usage before playing, if it is too high then it is necessary to lower down the usage and fix the problem.

To Fix High GPU Usage –

  • Scan your PC for Trojans
  • Close all Background apps
  • Update GPU Drivers
  • Use Performance Mode (Laptop users)

Install Visual c++ Redstributables

The Visual c++ redistributable is the ultimate solution for applications that are crashing or freezing. The VC Redistributable libraries are required by the software or games to operate properly.

To install these drivers, simply go to Microsoft official Support, and download it according to your windows version.

Update Graphics Driver

Make sure the Graphics Driver is updated to the latest version. Check whether it is AMD or NVIDIA, always update it to the latest version. To do so, Go to the official GPU Driver Page and Install the latest one right from there.

Close Background Apps

If you are on a low-end PC, make sure you only run the desired applications while playing the game, it can take your unnecessary RAM and cause minor lags such as freezing in between the game.

Close Down the running apps under the taskbar in windows, that are minimized under that taskbar in windows. Also Uninstall those default Microsoft Apps, which are not in use.

Verify the Game Files

Verify the Game files, if still, the problem is the same, Verifying the game files can reset all the broken and corrupted files and will download the new files by replacing them.

To Verify Far Cry 6 Game Files Open your game launcher whether it is Epic Games or Ubisoft connect, Go to Game Library, Select Far Cry 6, Go to Properties, Find the Verify Game Files there and verify it.

Please note these methods are working for some and reported by the players, if the game is still crashing or freezing, more like it is a hardware issue, make sure you get an SSD which will solve the crashing problem.

If this helped you, Make sure you comment below which method worked for you that will help other players also. Thanks for reading.

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