How to Fix Far Cry 6 Maine 15f/158 Error code – Quick Fix

If you are also getting this Maine Error in Far cry 6 so far, then you are not alone. Most of the users are getting this Far Cry 6 15f/158 Error, which is based on Ubisoft connect servers and can be seen on different devices.

The Far Cry 6 Maine Error Code which is 15f/158 is an unknown Error which is not been confirmed by Ubisoft officially, but here are some tested methods tested by users that you can try and fix this error easily under five minutes.

Far Cry 6 Maine 15f/158 Error Code

The Error code is showing some glitches in the Ubisoft connect servers, which is causing connection issues on the Ubisoft connect.

This Error is majorly reported on the console devices such as Xbox and can be easily fixed with simple steps.

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Fixing Maine Error 15f in Far Cry 6

Fixing this Error can be done quickly by following these two methods below, which has been solved here, check both methods which are checked and worked for many users.

Method 1 – Verifying Game Files

Verify your game files first, the very basic solution for this fix. If this method does not work, then make sure you try the second method, which has a high chance to fix this error.

To Verify Game Files –

  1. Open Ubisoft Connect and log in.
  2. Select Far Cry 6 in Games.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Locate Local Files.
  5. Select Verify Files there.

Method 2 – Resetting Ubisoft Connect Password

This method is tested and highly recommended, if the first method doesn’t fix the error, try resetting the Ubisoft connect password.

Many users got this fixed just by resetting the password for the Ubisoft connect. This Error is based on some suspicious behaviour on Ubisoft connect as stated, so resetting the password will work here,

Also Make sure to Restart Far Cry 6 after doing the fixes, to avoid any issues. And check out the Far Cry 6 Crash and Freezing fixes, which can help to fix crash and launch issues in far cry 6.

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