Far Cry 6 : How to Claim Free Skins on Prime Gaming

Far cry 6 which is now released, after waiting so long here we have far cry 6, which comes with amazing graphics and adventurous gameplay, available on all the platforms.

With great graphics, there are also some amazing skins in Far cry 6, that you cannot miss. With the start in Far cry 6, on the Yara island you need to survive and help the needy ones.

You will be required many Weapons to fight, also you need to customize them by your own. There are many skins available in far cry 6, but here we will see Vaquero Bundle which is actually free for the Prime gaming members.

What is Prime Gaming Rewards?

Prime Gaming is a premium feature provided by the twitch for the gamers, that is featured only for the gamers who loves playing games and watching it.

In Prime Gaming  you can get many free games rewards like – Free Skins, In-game Loots, Game bonuses, Free games and many more.

Getting Prime Gaming Subscription is easy, you just need to go to Official Prime Gaming site, and start by registering into it.

Can I get Free Far Cry 6 Skins in Prime Gaming?

Yes, you can easily get the Free Skins in far cry 6 from the Prime Gaming Feature, But only those skins which are available in the Prime Gaming rewards page.

Watch out for notifications or emails from Prime Gaming, if you are a registered member, and look for the free far cry 6 skin drops, which will be available for limited time period only.

Far Cry 6 Vaquero Bundle Skin

far cry 6 prime gaming rewards
image credits : gaming.amazon.com

The Vaquero Bundle Skin in Far Cry 6 is one of the best skins that you can try, which gives vibes of old school. The Bundle itself is a whole classy western style look.

The Weapons in this bundle comes with iron sight by default, with descent killing parameters. and comes with a classy looking hat, vest, pants and boots that you will be required.

  • Vaquero Outfit
  • El Caballero Blanco Pistol
  • Julia’s Last Stand Rifle
  • Pocket Watch Weapon Charm
  • Vaquero’s Ride Horse
  • Yaran Horseshoe Vehicle Mirror Prop
  • Small Pesos Pack (3000 Pesos)

How to Claim Far Cry 6 Prime Gaming Rewards for Free

To get the Far cry 6 free prime gaming rewards, follow the simple steps below –

  1. Go to Prime Gaming Page or Far Cry 6 Free Skins directly.
  2. Login with your Prime Gaming Account
  3. Select Far Cry 6 to proceed
  4. Choose the skin, and Click claim now
  5. Link your Twitch account, if asked
  6. Almost over, Complete the Claim

If you are not a member of Prime Gaming, you can still get a trial for 30 days which will be free until the month ends, after 30 days you can simply cancel the subscription or otherwise you will be charged.

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