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Far Cry 6 Pagan Control All Visions Locations Guide (2022)

Far Cry 6 Pagan Min Control DLC (Pagan’s Mind) has got 16 Vision Locations scattered all over the map. To unlock the Radio is More My Thing Trophy and other achievements, you must find all these 16 Visions. These visions generally reveal glimpses into Pagan’s Mind and Past.

The Visions that emerge during main objectives are semi-missable since they vanish if you rush past them or move too far away. Respawning to them would require a new playthrough. Eight visions occur at the “Thicker Than Water” Side Objective, although they cancel each other out and need numerous playthroughs. It would help if you interacted with a different statue each time to get these Visions.

This guide will enlist all these locations and help you find all 16 visions.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control: All Visions Locations

The visions have their locations set and can appear in any Mind Level from 1 to 5. They seem to be Pagan’s spirits and the people he knows, bringing back memories from his past. Make sure you watch them through to the finish to get the most out of them.

A collectible notice will appear in the right corner when a vision is found. Choosing on Vision in Collection Menu, you can track which ones you discovered and which ones are missing. Each one has its name and number, allowing you to identify which ones are missing quickly.

Vision 01: Second Draft

Location: Banapur

They are automatically triggered when completing the Main Objective (Mask Piece), “Rewriting History.”
Complete the memory and grab the mask piece.

Vision 02: Storybook Ending

Location: Jalendu Temple

It is automatically triggered when completing the Main Objective (Mask Piece)”Playing God.”
Head to Jalendu Temple area, finish the mission and get the mask.

Vision 03: Power Struggle

Location- Durgesh Prison

After completing the right side tunnel, the Vision will automatically be triggered during Main Objective (Mask Piece) “For King and Country.”

Vision 04: Leverage

Location: Leverage

It is triggered automatically during Main Objective (Mask Piece) “For King and Country” after completing the left-side tunnel.

Vision 05: Indomitable

Location: Durgesh Prison

They are automatically triggered when completing Main Objective (Mask Piece) “For King and Country” after flamethrower boss.

Vision 06: First Sight

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

This will require a new playthrough at the “Thicker Than Water” Delusion. You can quit out to the main menu and wingsuit back here. Pick up the Ishwari Statue on the right and then head through the door between the statues.

In this, you have to interact with the passport on the right and the dagger on the left and pick up the wheel next to the dagger. Use both the wheel to the right and the left of the enormous gate. This unlocks the gate, allowing you to access Vision 06.

Vision 07: Cold Feet

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Same as before, it will require a new playthrough at the “Thicker Than Water” Delusion. You can only interact with one statue per playthrough. This time pick the 2nd statue, Lakshmana Statue, from the left that shows a baby and then head through the door between the statues.

Vision 08: Change of Heart

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Similar to Vision 07, in the same room. Pick the Lakshmana statue and continue through the mission until you arrive at an area with a bedroom and a baby’s cot.

Vision 09: Self-Reflection

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Takes place at the “Thicker Than Water” Delusion. Pick up the statue with the head missing, continue towards the fire, and climb up the rocks in front of the statue to the top. There you’ll discover some wooden planks to shoot and jump. You’ll also discover the head there, which you’ll need to place on the statue to drain the water.

When you enter the water, there will be four sculptures you may interact with. Each one leads to a separate set of visions. Choose the statue on the left that looks like Pagan Min for this one. Then go through the entrance in the middle of the statues. This leads to Visions 09 and 10, which you must see both of to return to the open world, so don’t miss them.

Vision 10: New Beginnings

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Same as the previous guide, approach the mirror in the same room.

Vision 11: Daddy Issues

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Takes place at the “Thicker Than Water” Delusion (same as before). This time pick up the 2nd statue on the right that shows a man missing its head (Pagan’s Father). This will take you to a room with three pathways. Take the left corridor and pick up the key in the same corridor to unlock the door. This will bring you to a bar where the Vision will occur.

Vision 12: Patriarch

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

This time take the right corridor. There’s a key found on the right side of the same corridor that opens the door at the end. In this room, you get the 11th Vision.

Vision 13: Titles

Location: Chal Jama Monastery

Takes place at the “Thicker Than Water” Delusion.
You will get the key of the middle corridor on the right side in the bathroom on the floor in a puddle of blood. Use it to interact with the book at the end of the corridor by opening the door at the end. Then exit the place and return to the outdoors. It won’t emerge if you haven’t utilized the other four statues yet. It only appears after you’ve used all four figures and seen all of the previous visions at the Thicker Than Water Delusion (Visions 06-12).

Vision 14: Low Point

Location: Ishwari’s home

It is triggered when completing the “House on Fire” delusion mission. There are two houses in the east of the map you must search for four books. Start by grabbing the key on the front door of the right house.

Open the front door of the left house using the key. Turn the immediate right to locate a bookshelf. Climb the shelf next to it and interact with the tall shelf’s book. The second book is on a wooden frame upstairs, so walk up the ladder.

You’ll also discover the key under it. Go to the right house’s second floor through the collapsed balcony. With this key, open the door and then crouch behind the scattered shelves on the left to retrieve the third book. Take the path behind it and descend to the ground level. On the bottom floor, you’ll find the fourth book.

Vision 15: Reverie

Location: Royal Palace

You are automatically triggered in the enormous northeast Palace, the Royal Palace. You must have gathered all 3 Mask Pieces (main objectives and orange icons on the map) to enter it. As you ascend the steps to the Palace’s interior, you’ll see your daughter greeting you just before the weapons locker and mirror.

Vision 16: Happily Ever After

Location: Royal Palace

You are automatically triggered in the Royal Palace. After Vision 15, head through the door and up the stairs on the right. Enter the exfiltration area through the door on the left. You will see a table with a visual of your family just before you. Also, make sure not to interact with the chair at the table and pay close attention to the Vision, or else the Vision will vanish, and you will have to take another Playthrough.

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