Farming Simulator 22: All Hidden Collectibles (Locations)

Farming Simulator 22: All Hidden Collectibles (Locations)

If you are looking for a way to collect all the collectibles and items in farming simulator 22. In that case, you are at the right place because, in this article, we will help you find all the locations of hidden collectibles in farming simulator 2022.

Farming Simulator is a farming video game series developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive. It’s usually referred to as a puzzle farming game. This game is highly rated and popular among players.

In this detailed guide, I will tell you the hidden locations of all the collectibles in Farming simulator 22 so that you can earn more money in-game. You can follow the guide given below to locate all of the items in the game.

FS22 Elmcreek Map (100/100)

This section will help you find all the collectibles located in the Elmcreek area of Farming Simulator 22. We are currently trying to find more and more hidden collectibles to complete the list for you because some of the items are very hard to find.

Elmcreek Map locations
Credits: MrKacperol

High-Quality Image Download – Download this image given for high-end detailed map collectibles location, So that you can see everything.

You can find a lot of collectibles in Farming Simulator 22 like:

  • Horse
  • Trailer
  • Cow
  • Tractor
  • Many More

Haut-Beyleron Collectibles (20/20)

All of the collectibles in Haut-Beyleron, You can watch the youtube channel given below to find all of the locations of the items. Simply follow the guide and get that free stuff.

  1. Road Race Ratooning: Spinnery
  2. Tractor Transport Service: Near Farm Shop
  3. Get off My Field!: Observatory
  4. Trap Crop: South off Spinnery
  5. Harp Lifter: Farm Shop
  6. Hyper Cropping: Castle Cave SW
  7. Space Cultivator 3D: Castle wall
  8. Caverns of Underelm: Castle Tower
  9. Mechanized Agriculture: Grain Mill
  10. Vertical Farming: Field 5
  11. Wheat Gobbler: Town
  12. Fresh Fruit Farmers: Roof of Bakery
  13. Plowin’ Golf: south Bakery
  14. Tractor Turbo Challenge: Field 19
  15. Pezzt Control: Lake near Field 32
  16. Quest for The Emerald Duck: Bridge
  17. Farm Crisis 3: Park
  18. Ultimate Tomato: Forest South
  19. AgriPinball DX: South East Spinnery
  20. Pasture Sovereign: West of Saw Mill

You can also watch the youtube channel below to get the exact locations of all of the collectibles in Farming Simulator 22.

Erlengrat Collectibles FS22 (12/12)

You can find all the locations of Erlengrat Collectibles in Farming Simulator 22. These items can help you get quick money in-game and also help you complete in-game achievements.

Locate Hidden Items to get Free Money!

You can use the map given above to find all of the hidden items, and you can sell those items to get free money in Farming Simulator 22. There are more than 100 items in-game you can sell them for 1 Euro and earn free money.

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