How to feed all of the critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is probably the best game out there for all Disney and Pixar fans. The game offers RPG-style gameplay with the best selling point of the game being the opportunity to befriend your favourite Disney characters.

The game has several areas and there are many critters that inhabit those areas. These critters can also be interacted with and there’s a different way to win their trust. You’ll need to feed them food and every critter has different tastes. You can earn cosmetic rewards for feeding the critters. Feeding them will add them to your collection.

This guide will list out all the critters found in the game and their favourite foods which you can feed them to quickly add to your collection.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2


Squirrels can be found in the plaza and they exhibit a friendly nature. They are easy to feel and have a special preference for apples, blueberries, and peanuts. You can feed them anything but they enjoy the food items mentioned earlier.


The Rabbits can be found in the peaceful meadow. They aren’t as easy to approach as the squirrels but they have a special appetite for lettuce and carrots.

Raccoons and Foxes

You can spot Raccoons in the Forest of Valor, they are quite energetic and playful, so you have to keep an eye out for them. They love to dine on the blueberries.

The Foxes can be found in Frosted Heights. These critters are sociable when they are hungry and they love to dine on white sturgeon.

Aquatic Critters

Seaweed is enjoyed by the Sea Turtles, the sea turtles can be found on Dazzle Beach. The Crocodiles in the Glade of Trust are much more friendly than they look. To get on their good side you will have to approach them with caution, they prefer lobsters, herring or octopus as their favourite diet.

The Sunbirds

The Sunbirds in the game come in many different colours. These birds can be found in the Sunlit Plateau, They are a bit different from other critters as every colour of sunbird has its own preferences when it comes to food. Here are the sunbirds and what they like to eat:

  • Golden Sunbird– Sunflower
  • Red Sunbird– Red Bromeliad
  • Turquoise Sunbird- Pink Houseleek
  • Orchid Sunbird– Orange Houseleek
  • Emerald Sunbirds– Green Passion Lily

These were the critters found in Disney Dreamlight Valley and their favourite food. It is to be noted that Ravens can also be found in Forgotten Lands but no one knows of their favourite as of now. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology subscribe to our newsletter.

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