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FFXIV Endwalker Server Error – Fix Error 2002 and Error 3001

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker which is the newest MMPORG DLC that has been added to the Final Fantasy XIV is now officially released. In this DLC you will get a lot of great changes as compared to the original one.

Endwalker includes a slew of new features, such as new occupations, locations, dungeons, raids, and more, as well as the dramatic climax to Final Fantasy XIV’s current story.

FFXIV Endwalker Server Issues

The Game is currently in a hard phase where players are getting some sort of server issues in the FFXIV Endwalker’s release, which is really annoying for an MMORPG Player.

If you try to log in or play, in the middle of the game you will encounter a strange black screen which then comes out to be Server Queue Error due to high load on the FFXIV server.

Reasons for FFXIV Server Errors & Login Queue Time

Naoki Yoshida who is the Producer and the Director of Final Fantasy XIV has addressed this login issue said about the inconvenience to the players about the server issues and explained the reasons for the server queue in FFXIV.

The long queue time for Login has been increased due to a large number of users trying to log in simultaneously. So, As a result, logging in has taken an extraordinarily long time, especially during “peak hours,” when player activity is at its highest.

The Reasons for Server Queue Error are –

  • Many Simunteneous Logins
  • Storage Shortage Issues
  • Other Server Issues

Can we Fix Server Errors in FFXIV Endwalker

At a certain limit, you can still try to fix it from your end to make sure everything is okay with your device and internet connection.

The main solution to this can be only provided by the game developers, However, if you’re playing on a Wi-Fi connection and can switch to an Ethernet, your connection will be more stable.

  • Use Wired instead of wireless connection
  • Turn Off Windows Update
  • Update Network drivers

Final Fantasy XIV Error Codes

FFXIV Error Code 2002 & 3001

The Error Code 2002 & 3001 occurs due to High Traffic. When you are trying to log into a logical data center (like Aether or Primal) and you noticed that there are over 17,000 gamers in the queue. This causes the 2002 Error due to a login queue error.

FFXIV Error Code 4004, 5003, and 5006

The Error Codes 4004, 5003, or 5006 come when your connection to the login server goes out as a result of waiting in a login queue for an incredibly long time.

How to Fix FFXIV Server Queue Error

To Fix these Errors, the very first step is to check your internet connection. Make sure everything is working on your side. Then follow the other steps that can fix the server issues in FFXIV.

Switching Worlds in FFXIV

The First way to fix severe queues is to switch the worlds. There is a feature in the game which allows you to change the worlds and login into less crowded worlds within the same data center.

  1. Go to Game Menu
  2. Now Open Character Selection Menu
  3. Select the character you want to login with & open the subcommand
  4. Select “Visit Another world server” to Login

Learn more: FFXIV Switching Worlds

Switching Data Centers

The Second best way is to switch the data centers, you can always try to change the data center near to you, if the main data center not letting you log in.

  1. Go to the Game Menu
  2. Click on Data Centers
  3. Select your Data Center
  4. If you are lucky you will be logged in
  5. Click on your Character name and re-login

Restart the Game

The Last Option you can try is to restart the game or the device to check if this fixes the issue or not. This is not the ultimate solution but it can fix any ongoing issues related to the network which may be beneficial.

These were the possible fixes for server and queue error in FFXIV, meanwhile, the developers are still working on the issues that we are getting and will be improved slowly.

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