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FFO: Stranger of Paradise Fastest Way MAX All Jobs per minute

The unexpected remake of the original Final Fantasy game released in 1987 was released on 15 March 2022. Stranger of Paradise is an action role-playing game and like any other role-playing game requires a little grind for various rewards to get you going. One such task that requires a lot of grinding is to max your job level.

There are many classes with different levels. We know how boring and time-consuming it is to grind the XP to get to the next level so keeping this in mind we bring you this guide to show how you can max your job level in the fastest way possible.

So how do you do it?

Before going into how you can gain job levels fast you need to understand how the leveling up works. Each item you equip has an affinity towards a job and you gain XP for every job your items have an affinity towards. So here are the things you want to follow in order to level up fast-

  • Equipping Items- In order to Max jobs quick you need to euip items which different job affinities so you can gain XP for multiple jobs at once. This will make the process of leveling different jobs much quicker as you are gaining XP for them at once instead of gaining XP for each job seperately.
  • Turn Difficulty to easy– The difficulty level does not affect the amount of XP you recieve so keeping the difficulty on easy would reduce a lot of time and effort you will waste on higher difficulties.
  • Farm Guide– The best farming route that we know of is in the mission called Illusion at Journey’s End, the best thing is that you have the access to this mission at the very start of the game so anyone in their playthrough can do this.
  • After destroing a wall you will see a checkpoint on top of a staircase towrds the right of the broken wall. After progressing a little further you will come across a nother chepoint with a room besides it with 3 bombs in it, this is where you will grind your levels.
  • Simply kill the 3 bombs in the room and reload checkpoint. Since they are so close to the checkpoint youwill be able to perform multiple runs very quickly and level up fast. You can get upto 10 levels per minute if your start doing this efficiently.

We hope this guide helped you in grinding those job levels for the sweet rewards in Stranger of Paradise.

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