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Fifa 22 Server Status Check (Guide) – Is server Down now?

The game: FIFA is one of the worldwide popular football simulator game developed by EA. FIFA22 is one of the 29th series that was released on the 1st week of October in the previous year for many platforms, like Microsoft Windows, PS 4 & 5, XBOX One , XBOX series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

The game is single-player and multi-player playable. FIFA22 game is integrated with a ‘Hyper Motion Technology’ imitating real-life football players that makes it eye-catching and wonderous.

FIFA22 PC gameplay snapshot
Gameplay in other platforms

Server connection- An Issue Now

A type of Network issue FIFA22
A type of network issue

Server problem had been seen in case of many of the ‘FIFA22’ gamers worldwide. Many of the players had been complaining about this issue.

To check the status of the network server, you could browse in google or any other browsers, like ‘’ .

What to do?

For solving such issues, there are some of the significant steps to follow:

1) Contact a technical advisor regarding game server issue through ‘’ .

FIFA22 EA Contact
FIFA22 Mobile Customer Support

2) The troubleshooting techniques could be provided related to-

  • Restarting the mobile device.
  • Cache clearance.
  • ‘Force stop’ the game apk in the settings.

Many of the methods are provided to solve the server connection issue but still, there had been display of the message related to server connection error. Gamers are still not able to enter the match because of this temporary disabled situation to enter the match. Hope that this issue gets resolved as soon as possible by the developer.

Watch the videos from the respective youtube channels for refreshing up yourself with more data about this issue.

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