Kirby and The Forgotten Land: Find All 23 Secret Blueprints

Kirby is back with the new Kirby and The Forgotten Land, which was released for Nintendo Switch on 25th March 2022 and is the seventeenth mainline installment in the Kirby series.

The game is filled with secrets and collectibles for players to find, and one of the best items that the players can get their hands on while exploring the various stages of the game is a blueprint.

Some of these blueprints are very simple to find while some are very well hidden, so we decided to bring you this guide to tell you the location of every single blueprint found in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are collectible items that players can find throughout the game, what makes these blueprints so great is the fact that they are used to upgrade your various weapons.

The upgraded versions of the weapons are far more powerful and useful than the base version of the weapons so finding these blueprints will be very helpful throughout your playthrough.

List Of Blueprints and How to Find Them

  1. Chakram Cutter Blueprint – You will receive this blueprint by Waddle Dee as soon as Waddle Dee’s Weapons Shop opens.
  2. Volcano Fire Blueprint – Alongside the Chakram Cutter Blueprint you will also receive the Volcano Fire Blueprint.
  3. Clutter Needle Blueprint– This blueprint is found in Scale the Cement Summit after destroying the bomb box besides the first ladder of the level.
  4. Chain Bomb Blueprint – This blueprint is found in Fast Flowing Waterworks and is given to the player after defeating an enemy gauntlet which is mandatory to complete the level.
  5. Noble Ranger Blueprint – This blueprint is given to you after you defeat the final boss of Evercoast Bay.
  6. Gigant Sword Blueprint– This blueprint is found in Circuit Speedway and is found on the main path after defeating a miniboss.
  7. Toy Hammer Blueprint– This blueprint is found in Welcome to Wondaria and is found after you clear the mud towards the right of a ladder using mouth water to reveal a secret wilted flower. You would have to water this secret flower to get the blueprint.
  8. Time Crash Blueprint– This blueprint is found at Invasion of The House of Horrors, it is found in the middle part of the level near the left side where you will see a hole with a coin inside. Inside the hole, you will find a tunnel at the end of which you will find the blueprint.
  9. Fleur Tornado Blueprint– Found in The Wondaria Dream Parade, after getting the Water balloon mouth Kirby players will eventually see a shutter in a wall on the right. You need to blast robots into the wall to destroy it and reveal the blueprint.
  10. Pencil Drill Blueprint– You will get this blueprint after defeating Clawroline in Wondaria Remains
  11. Meta Knight Sword Blueprint– Beat Meta Knight in the Meta Knight Cup at the Colosseum to get this blueprint.
  12. Dragon Fire Blueprint– This blueprint is found in Windy, Freezing Seas, at the very end you need to look for a scissor lift stuck in ice towards the left side. You need to destroy it and enter the scissor lift mouthful mode to slide to the right and reach the chest at the top. The blueprint is in this chest.
  13. Frosty Ice Blueprint– Reward for defeating Twin Wild Frostys at the end of The Battle of Blizzard Bridge.
  14. Homing Bomb Blueprint– Reward for defeating  King Dedede in Winter Horns – An Unexpected Beast King.
  15. Crystal Needle Blueprint– Found in a chest on top of the deserted ship towards the right of the map in the level The Wastes Where Life Began.
  16. Blizzard Ice Blueprint– Reward for defeating the boss Sillydillo in the level  Collector in the Sleepless Valley
  17. Wild Hammer Blueprint– Reward for defeating a Wild Bonkers found in Alivel Mall – Staff Side.
  18. Masked Hammer Blueprint– This blueprint is given once go talk to the Minion Waddle Dee in Waddle Dee Town after the game ends.
  19. Morpho Knight Sword Blueprint – Reward for completing the post-game content.
  20. Storm Tornado Blueprint – Found in Gathering of the Beast Council towards the right of the roller coaster after defeating Clawroline.
  21. Deep Sleep Blueprint – Found in Burning, Churning Power Plant it is found in the first zone after lighting the lantern to reveal a hidden path. Follow the new coin path and climb to the top. Jump off it to find a secret opening towards the left where the blueprint is.
  22. Space Ranger Blueprint– Found near the end of Conquer the Inferno Road, you would need to jump onto the boat with the ranger ability in order to get the blueprint so be sure you don’t jump on it without it. Just before the level ends you will see a floating target, shoot this target with your ranger ability to get this blueprint.
  23. Twin Drill Blueprint – Found in the level Moonlight Canyon, after the platforming section with the falling blocks instead of going through the exit, go below the exit and go to the left. Continue on the left path till you see a barrel, destroy this barrel to get the blueprint.

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