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Elden Ring: Find All Of The Light Flame Towers In Sofia Well

Elden Ring Guard

Here’s a guide that will tell you where you need to go to light the Flame Towers in Sofia Well, there are eight of them and here they are listed below.

Elden Ring, the latest game by Bandai Namco, has been released. This game is set in a vast open-world and has role-playing elements to it. Similar to the Dark Souls franchise Elden Ring has a variety of bosses to defeat. Some of these bosses can be defeated without breaking a sweat, whereas others take hours to defeat.

I Flame Tower


The first one is quite easy to find as it is right there in the beginning, I have a map down below that will show you the location of both of them.

II Flame Tower


For the second one you need to head NorthWest from the starting point and at the top you will find the second pillar.

I II Map Elden Ring 1

III Flame Tower


For the next one you need to head back towards the center and then head towards the river, this one is close to the fast traveling point

IV Flame Tower


Now after this head southeast from here towards the flames and this will lead you to the next flame which is on a crest.

V Flame Tower


After that climb down from that hill towards North West where you will find the next tower.

VI Flame Tower


For the next one continue North West across the water and you should find it at the top of the hill

VII Flame Tower


Head East from here till you reach a shrine and from there turn more towards the north and continue on that route, You will find it on your left near a cliff.

VIII Flame Tower


From here head North West again on the same cliff on the opposite end.

Most of them aren’t that far apart and can be easily spotted. Check the video down below to get a better understanding of the locations, also check out my other articles on Elden Ring.

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