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How To Find and Destroy The Bedrock Keys In Genshin Impact

How To Find and Destroy The Bedrock Keys In Genshin Impact

The Fuao Vale bedrock key is the one key that is a little tricky to find. Players have to do something extra to find this Bedrock key. The path is blocked by some unbreakable boulders and you have to use some tactics to cross the way.

These bedrock keys are needed to be broken to unlock the underground Chasm. Some people sealed the Lord of the Vishaps and opened the mining site again. Now the Chasm has to be opened too, for the progress in the game’s story. And for this, three keys have to be unlocked.

Find The Fuao Vale Bedrock Key

  • To get the Fuao Vale Bedrock Key, the traveller has to break the entrance block, and to do this you have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to Fuao Vale and find a place with very big rocks with amber.
  • Search for yellow mist-wrapped rocks and a wooden sign next to them.
  • Paimon will notify you when you will find the rock. This is the unique rock pillar and source of the resonance.
  • Then the player needs to go a little far on the north side and find a relatively smaller than the unique rock pillar. Place a geo construct on the left side and come back to the large rock. Now attack the Unique Rock pillar with geo attack, claymore, or explosion.
  • The Shockwave will break the placed geo construct. This will destroy the big boulder at the entrance of the Fuao Vale Bedrock Keys in Genshin Impact. If you can’t find the entrance, look around the second large rock where the geo construct is placed.

Other remaining keys will be found at Glaze Peak and another one near Tiangong Gorge.

How To Destroy The Bedrock Keys In Genshin Impact?

When you will find a bedrock key, there will be some stars trapped in stone cages like structures. When you will hit them, they shoot stars in the corresponding forward direction.

So, aim in such a direction that on striking, the star will shoot the bedrock key. Just try to keep doing that. May be some specific sequence you have to follow, but it’s quite easy to destroy the keys.

When you will break all the remaining keys, the underground Chasm will be unlocked. And you can go ahead in the game.

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