Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get & Use Sacred Seals Easily

A Sacred Seal may be a special item you’ll equip during a Hero’s S ability slot. they will be modified at any time, thus equipping the correct seal for the duty to grab a bonus advantage.

You should get the Sacred Seals in fire Emblem Heroes to reinforce your character. These are a kind of passive buff that offer you blessings like a further three power units, 1 Attack, 1 Speed, or more. You don’t get all of them at an equivalent time. These perks get modified with the seal. Therefore this guide allows us to check the way to get and use Sacred Seals in FEH.

How can these seals be obtained?

Sacred Seals are obtained from numerous events and quests.

Some Sacred Seals can even provide Heroes with powerful skills, therefore check to ascertain if they are offered as rewards once a brand new event starts!

2 significant events to farm sacred seals are:-

  • Creating Sacred Seals
  • Completing Tempest Trials

Detailed process to create seals

When you miss some Tempest Trials or different events you’ll be able to then produce their reward sacred seals from the Sacred Seal Forge.

The steps to create seals from Seal forge are as follows:-

  • Clear the Book I Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline to induce the mission of wakening Ancient Power.
  • Next, clear this Intermission stage.
  • You will currently unlock the Sacred Seal Forge.
  • Tap on the Allies button.
  • Next, choose instrumentality then Sacred Seal Forge.
  • Here you’ll be able to realize completely different Sacred Seals that you can produce.
  • Creating them requires:
    1. Sacred Coins
    2. Badges
    3. Great Badges
  • The number of the on top of needs changes with the Sacred Seal that you try to make.

A detailed process for Completing Tempest Trials

Tempest Trials may be a special event that enables you to require on troublesome maps. Once it starts the event lasts for ten days. Your goal is to complete these maps repeatedly to stay increasing your score. the upper your score is the lot of rewards you’ll unlock. And 2 of those rewards will be Sacred Coins and Sacred Seals.

And this brings us to the end of our guide. Hope you like it and it assists you in your in-game progression to get better than all other players in the game.

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