Valorant – How to Fix All Error Codes [Simple Fix] in 2021

Valorant Error code fix

Valorant is a wonderful Free to play Multiplayer game for most of the Gamers right there, and It was released on 2 Jan 2020; from now onwards, it is booming on the Internet. The game immediately gained popularity in its early phases, and after a few months of testing, the makers released global versions of the game.

But ever wondered the game has some problems and bugs related issues that players get on their PC, which is really frustrating to see. Some of them reported various kinds of Errors in the Valorant Official Client.

Our Responsilibly is to fix all of those Error codes in Valorant and Provide a detailed explanation with steps here so that you can play valorant again with your friends without getting into any trouble.

What Kind of Errors in Valorant can be seen?

Valorant client is very much optimized for every windows version, but the developers can’t say if you are really free from the errors from the client. First, let’s discuss some basic problems if you are getting from the client, also; if you can’t see the error you can also follow the steps below :

1) Valorant Error code 43 Fix

valorant error code 43
  1. Start Vanguard with Windows

    Vanguard is the main support for the game, The Anticheat is required if you want to play valorant or this will cause many known troubles to run the game. So Make sure Vanguard is Enabled before moving into Valorant.

    To Enable – Go to Start, Open Task Manager, Proceed to Startup
    Make sure to check the VGC service is set to Enabled If not, Enable it then Restart.
  2. Enable VGC service ( VANGUARD)

    To make Vanguard work, VGC service should be running into the services in background process.

    To Start VGC – Open Task Manager, Proceed to services tab Now Check the VGC service is Running or not. If not, Enable it by right click then Start.
    Right click VGC service-> Properties -> Startup type and Make it Automatic. Restart your PC
  3. Error Connecting to platform (Valorant Connection Error Fix)

    This Error can be fixed easily by few simple steps provided below –

    Go to navigation Bar -> Vanguard Right click and Exit Vanguard.
    Go to C:\Users\Nik\AppData\Local\VALORANT\Saved Open Logs folder Delete all the files there.
    Also Delete all the files & folders from CrashReportClient folder. Restart your PC
    After Restart you will be able to login easily in Valorant and the Error 43 is now fixed.
    Your Valorant Error 43 will be now fixed successfully. Below are some other errors which players get while playing valorant.

2) Valorant Error code 81 Fix

This Error arrives if you have corrupted vanguard files on your drive. Removing and Installing Vanguard will solve this Error easily.

valorant error code 81

Go to Start -> Cmd (Run as Administrator). Now write the following command one by one and hitting Enter to proceed.

sc delete vgc
sc delete vgk

Go to C:\Program Files Location and Delete the Riot Vanguard Folder completely. Now Restart your computer and Run Valorant.

3) Valorant Error code 7 Fix

This Error is not common to many Players; still, some people reported this Error while playing valorant. The Error can be seen if the valorant servers are down; if the servers are working fine, you might need this to fix your game.

valorant error code 7
valorant error code fix 7
  1. Clean boot your PC
  2. Run cmd (command prompt) and Type


    (Check in which case the ping is less in digits)
  3. Go to Network Connections, Select your connected internet source. Right click and go to Properties.

    Go to Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

    Preffered DNS Server :
    Alternate DNS Server :

    Save and Exit
  4. Last step will fix this Error completely without any issues. Run cmd and Type –

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Press Enter

    Once you flush your DNS, Restart your PC and the Error will be gone.

I hope this Tutorial for All valorant Error code Fix was helpful to you! Please make sure to check every step carefully before you Proceed. Also, please let us know if you have other Errors in Valorant. Thanks for reading.

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Walker Ousley
Walker Ousley
17 days ago

I couldn’t delete the Riot Vanguard folder but it worked very well for me

Owen Singh
17 days ago
Reply to  Walker Ousley

Thanks for letting us know!

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