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How to Fix CrossfireX Audio Issues XBOX One Completely

CrossfireX is now ready to play on Xbox consoles, after the release, the game looks like so much fun multiplayer FPS game, but comes with lots of minor issues with it which is addressed in the Xbox consoles.

While it appears to be a far improved successor to the first game so far, there are still some issues to be fixed. The most common Errors players face are the audio not coming in the game, very low sound, distorted sound, etc.

Audio Issues in CrossfireX on Xbox One

If you’ve ever played on Xbox, you may have observed that the game’s sound would go off from time to time. This was most obvious for us when we first started playing CrossfireX or when we were in the middle of a game. There would be no sound at all once the audio abruptly shuts out.

There is currently no appropriate fix for this, however, it isn’t a major issue because we discovered that the music will automatically resume after around four or five seconds of silence.

How to Fix Audio not coming in CrossfireX

Follow these steps to fix all the Audio Related issues in CrossfireX in Xbox one, which will help you communicate in the game properly, also without distortion –

Update your Controller Firmware

Make sure to update the firmware of the Xbox one, to make sure, if that is not causing any problems regarding the audio and headsets. To do so – press the Xbox button, go to the very right of your Profile & System tab.

Go down to Settings -> Devices and Connections -> Accessories. Click on the three dots under the Configure button there. The first option you will see is the Firmware version and update.

Click on it, to begin updating the firmware. Make sure to connect your Xbox to the controller using USB before proceeding. Click Continue to update your controller. This will fix all the audio issues mostly.

Fix Mic Monitoring

If the sound is very noisy, and not clearer, or comes with lots of unwanted sounds, then you need to fix your Mic monitoring settings in Xbox One. Press the Xbox Button, and go all down to the down icons.

On the very right, click on Audio settings, Here Make sure your Headset Mic is turned On, Now, try to speak and listen to your headset, and lower down the Mic monitoring. If lowering it fixes the sound noise, then set the Mic monitoring zero.

Fix Audio Settings

Go to your Profile & System on the very right, Go to General -> Volume & Audio Output. You will see three columns related to the audio options.

Go to the last one, Headset Audio, and set it Stereo Uncompressed. the Middle column will be visible now, where you need to set the HDMI Audio and Optical Audio to Stereo Uncompressed.

After that, you can set your default output, whether you are using a headset or speaker to listen for Party Chat. Under the first column, Choose Party Chat Output, and choose anyone from the headset or Speaker.

That’s all there is to know about how to fix the CrossfireX audio issues and no sound issue. Check out our CrossfireX guides for further tips and tricks about the game.

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