How to Fix CrossfireX Not Installing Error on XBOX One

Crossfire X is the newly released Console game, the third installment of Crossfire, a first-person Shooter, Multiplayer Game. Which is now finally released! and ready to play on all of the Xbox Consoles.

But, Most of the users are facing this installation error or are stuck while installing the crossfire X. Well, do not worry, here we have some active methods, by which you can easily fix any game which is not installed.

Crossfire X not Installing or Stucked while Installation

This Error arises, when you are downloading or updating the game, then suddenly it stops and gets stuck at a certain percentage, and does not allow you to download further.

If you have tried the game uninstall and reinstall again, this might work for you, but it is very less chance to get fixed, just by doing reinstallation. So check out the other steps below, to fix this error.

How to Fix Crossfire X Not Installing or Installation Stopped Error

Hard Reset your Xbox One

You need to hard reset your Xbox, first hold the power button for some seconds, until the light turns off. Now Turn around the Xbox, and locate the power cable behind. Make sure to Unplug that safely.

Now leave the Xbox as it is for a couple of seconds, after waiting for some seconds, plug the power cable safely again, and turn on the Xbox by pressing the power button. Wait for around 10-15 seconds to make sure it is loaded properly.

Press the Xbox button on the controller app, Open the side menu, go down to my games and application, click See all. Go down to Manage Queue -> Queue. Now Here you will see all of the Queued games.

Click Cancel to cancel the queue, Now go back to Home Screen, Open Microsoft Store now. Search for the game and reinstall it. This will start the download, without any error.

Clear Save game Data

The second method, which is meant to work, can be done by clearing the game data and checking if that works. Most of the users reported earlier, this method also works for some of the players.

To Proceed, Press the Xbox Button, on the very right, Click Settings, and go down to System -> Storage. Here you will see two options, where you need to click on the first, which is Clear local game saves and Restart the console.

Check Xbox Live Status

Also check the Xbox live for error, if it is causing an error. Go to the Xbox App, then move to the System tab and go to Xbox assist. after that, click on My Xbox assist to proceed further.

Check Xbox Live Status on the top right, you will see a page with live status. Check if everything is working and up here, and not causing any issue.

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