How to Fix Discord 404 Error for any Game

discord 404 error

Discord is a voice, video, and text communication platform that allows users to speak and hang out with their friends and communities. It is a free to download application available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Web browsers.

Recently many discord users have started facing a Discord 404 issue and with this issue users are unable to launch certain games and this error usually comes on the home screen when users launch the game.

Discord communities are divided into servers, which are separate collections of channels. Users can make free servers, regulate their public exposure, and establish up to 250 channels and channel categories. A single server can host up to 800,000 people on it.

Fixing Discord 404 Error

In this guide we will talk about how you can fix this discord 404 error that you have been facing while launching your favorite games. We will try two methods that includes in game overlay and admin rights for the discord.

Disabling Discord In Game Overlay

discord ingame overlay
  • Open discord by double-clicking on its icon.
  • You can also open discord by pressing windows button and then typing discord and hitting enter button when you see discord.
  • When your discord opens up on the left-hand side near your profile name, click on the settings icon on the right-hand side of the headphone icon.
  • Scroll down and find Game Overlay option under Activity settings.
  • Disable in game overlay by pressing the button in front of the “Enable in-game overlay” text.
  • The button will turn into a cross, and it will be grayed out.
  • Now, your in game overlay of discord will be disabled.

Making Discord Run As Admin Every time

discord admin rights
  • Go to your desktop and find the discord icon.
  • Right-click on the icon and then click on properties on the bottom of the menu.
  • In the compatibility tab, find the option which says run this program as an administrator.
  • Click on the box in front of it, and it will turn into a blue tick.
  • Click on Apply and then click on OK.
  • Now whenever you will open a message prompt will come, just enter yes.
  • Your discord will run as administrator every time you open it.

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