Fix eFootball 2022 Mobile An invalid command detected error

How to Fix eFootball 2022 Mobile An invalid command has been detected error

EFootball is a series of football simulation video games developed and published by Konami. It was formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer globally.

“An invalid command has been detected” error is caused by network errors. Another reason for the same is corrupted or missing game files. If some of the files are corrupted, the game is not able to read them correctly and hence the error shows up. Follow this article to fix the issue.


Update the Application

Head over to the Play Store or the App Store and install any available update to the game. Launch the game, and the error should be resolved.

Update your OS

Navigate to your phone’s settings and install any pending updates to your OS. These updates are usually known to fix any bugs or errors that prevent apps from running correctly. Restart your phone after the update is installed and fire up the game.

Clear App Cache

Visit your phone’s settings and delete all the app’s cache data. This will remove any locally stored game cache, and redownload the necessary files. Launch the game, and you should no longer see the error.

Servers Might be under Down for Maintenance

A reason for this error might be coming due to the ongoing maintenance of the game servers. Hence, you’ll need to wait for the downtime to go. For this, you may keep an eye on the game’s Twitter page for updates.

Re-Install the App

You should try uninstalling and reinstalling the eFootball app on your smartphone if the methods mentioned above do not help you resolve the issue. After you’ve uninstalled the app from your phone, redownload the game from Play Store or App Store. Once downloaded and installed, run the app and the error must be gone.

This concludes our post on fixing the error in eFootball. We hope that the issue is gone and you are back into gaming.

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