Fix Error 0xc0000135 The Application was unable to start correctly on Windows 11

windows 11 error 0xc KwRrv

Ever since the latest update on Windows 11, which is the latest Windows, a lot of users are coming across Error 0xc0000135 that prevents various applications from opening. Now, for some people, just a simple restart fixed this problem but I’m assuming if you’re here, you’ve already tried that. So, this article will tell you about a few simple fixes for this error.

Error 0xc0000135 fixes

Has this error been the bane of your existence since the last windows 11 update? Let’s look at a few easy fixes for this. Make sure you follow the steps in order so you can fix this problem in the easiest way possible.

Using the Command Prompt

The first fix is by typing a set of commands in the Command Prompt and running each of their processes. The commands that you have to run are:

If you don’t know how to run these commands, follow these easy steps:

Enabling .NET 3.5

If the above process doesn’t solve your problem, the next step is to enable the .NET frameworks on your computer. For doing this, follow these steps:

This error can occur if either of your .NET frameworks is disabled. If this still doesn’t fix your error, then head over to the next solution.

Roll Back your Windows Update

Follow these steps to roll back your update:

If you don’t want to be bothered with Windows asking you to update again, you can use the Show or Hide Troubleshooter from Microsoft to hide that particular update. That is all for this article, hope you were able to fix the error.

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