How To Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working

Logitech G533 since its debut in 2017 has been a bestseller. Its ergonomic design, comfortable fit, low latency and good battery life have appealed to the mass crowd. The Logitech G533 comes with a foldable boom mic which can also filter background noise. Well as good as it sounds, this piece of hardware also has got some issues, and you already know what’s the issue with it as you’re here to know how to fix that issue itself. Don’t worry anymore as here we will tell you how to fix Logitech G533 Mic not working issue.

But before we get deep into the solutions, we will quickly tell you why this might be happening and maybe you can try to avoid the issue later. A few possible reasons why this issue might be occurring are:

  • This might just be a minor hardware/software glitch and a one-time issue.
  • Multiple devices connected to the same PC can also trigger this issue.
  • The Headphone’s mic settings are not set right.
  • Outdated Software or Drivers.
  • The audio output might not be set to the preferred device.
  • Maybe some application in the background is preventing the audio access.

But now let us get to some simple possible fixes that might solve the Logitech G533 mic not working problem. So, here are some fixes:

Fix 1 Reconnecting the device:

It’s the good old ever-green golden rule that I always keep mentioning, If something’s not right, just restart it. In this case, reconnect it. As this is a wireless device which connects via Bluetooth, We suggest disconnecting the device manually and unpair the device. Turn off the headset. Now connect them back from the scratch. This can most certainly help fix the issue.

Fix 2 Verify if Mic is enabled:

Even though the mic is turned on physically, it has to be permitted as an input source via the software. It usually does automatically, but in this case, might have not. So you can verify that by following these steps, open Control Panel > Select Sound > Select Recording panel > Right click to open a menu and select show Disabled Device > Enable the mic if it is disabled. Once it is enabled also make sure its volume is set ideally. To do so, right-click on the Microphone and select Properties > Select Levels tab and set the volume as desired by you. This should fix the issue as now the mic is enabled and the volume is also set.

Fix 3 Update the Audio Driver:

This issue might also arise when you are running on an outdated or unsupported driver. To solve this, you have to install the latest available drivers for the specific hardware and software you need. You can do it by performing the following steps:

  • You can update your drivers manually. To do so you can get the latest drivers from Logitech’s official website. These are fairly simple to find. You must download the right file, like choosing the right build for your system, like selecting the right windows version, and selecting whether you need a 32-bit build or a 64-bit build. Installing these drivers is also straightforward. You just run the downloaded installer as admin. It’ll do everything automatically, you just need to follow the on-screen guide then. Once the installation of the drivers is complete, be sure to restart your PC.

Fix 4 Run troubleshooter:

Windows has this self-troubleshooting way, this is very helpful in such circumstances. In most cases, this does not work, but it’s worth a shot. Open the Run Dialogue Box by pressing Windows Key + R together > Then type msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic and press enter. This will let you know if there are any issues at all, you can simply follow the on-screen solutions it says to solve the issue then.

Fix 5 Allow apps to use the mic:

In some cases, windows might be restricting the apps from accessing the microphone. To verify the same you can follow these steps, open Settings > Select Privacy > Select Microphone > Turn on Allow apps to access your microphone if turned off. This can now fix your issue.

Fix 6 Closing background applications:

In some instances, there might be any background apps that are restricting other applications from accessing the microphone. To solve this you can open the windows built-in task manager to check what applications and processes are running in the background. End all the tasks that might seem unnecessary to you.

Fix 7 Restart Sound Card:

Just like your GPU, CPU, RAM etc, the Sound Card is also a very crucial component in your PC. This serves as an interface between your hardware and software. Sometimes it might have a few glitches or simply be disabled. You can verify that by following these steps:

  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking on the windows icon on the taskbar or by searching for it.
  • Click Sound, video and game controllers, this will show you the available sound cards on your PC.
  • Right-click on the sound card and disable it. Restart your PC.
  • Now go back to the same Device Manager menu and enable the sound card.

This can most probably fix the issue.

Fix 8 Re-install Logitech Gaming Software:

You can try re-installing the Logitech Gaming Software. Simply uninstall the software by opening your apps menu and selecting uninstall. Just to be sure also delete all the temporary files related to the Logitech Gaming Software. Once that is done simply install the software again from their official website.


These above-mentioned fixes are some possible solutions for the Logitech G533 mic not working issue. If your problem is not yet solved, we are sorry. You can try speaking to Logitech’s support team. You can also replace the product if it has hardware faults and is still in the warranty period.

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