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Fix Lost Ark Cannot Create Character Error

Lost Ark Cannot Create Character Fix

Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the current world of Gaming. It is a beautiful game with an awesome character design. It also has super well-designed maps and other features of the game.

With the amount of current popularity, the game was bound to run into some sort of server issues. To handle server performance and disconnections, Smilegate has put a limitation on character creation in the game. This leads to the error that doesn’t allow players to create a character. This article will mention everything you need to know about the error and the fix.

Why does this Error occur?

As mentioned above, Smilegate has recently put a limit on character creation. This limit comes into action when a server is heavily populated or reaches the limit of players it can handle. If you’re trying to log in to a server that has a hefty amount of population, Lost Ark will show you a pop-up where they’ll say that you can’t create a character on this server.

Some of the servers that currently have this limit are Mari, Valtan, Azena, Regulus, Trixion, Thirain, etc. If you try to get into any of these servers currently, the game simply won’t let you. It is also worth noting here that Smilegate cannot be entirely blamed for this.

Every server has a limit of players it can handle no matter how much they improve it. That said, here are a few fixes that you can try for this error.

How to Fix Character Creation Error?

Unfortunately, to put it simply, there is no way to work around this error. You heard it right, there’s no cheat, and neither is there a cheesy way to bypass this at the moment. That said, you can try the following things to be able to play the game:

  1. As mentioned, the error occurs only on the heavily populated, busy servers. So, try to choose the servers with Good status instead of Busy. This will almost never give you this error and you don’t have to wait an insane amount of time in queues.
  2. If you were really looking to get into the particular server that’s giving you this error, you can always wait for the population of the server to go down. While this doesn’t usually happen very often in very populated servers due to the long queue that exists, there is a chance the server might free up enough for you to make a character eventually.

That is all you can try to work around this character creation error. Hope this article was helpful.

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