Best Ways to Fix Microsoft Teams Couldn’t Load Calendar issue

In this day and age, admit it or not Microsoft Teams is a big deal, a necessity in today’s corporate world. It’s user base has only increased, especially due to the Pandemic. Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool, it is used to schedule one’s tasks and meetings, and to make one’s to-do list, it basically helps one to plan and organise their day at work. It’s quite productive and makes things easier for us. But as with every other computer program, this can suck at times too.

One notable issue with Microsoft Teams is that it can’t show your Calendar. It simply shows this message, ” Couldn’t load your calendar. Let’s give it another try”. This can be a big deal and can mess up your work day. I know you might have already faced this issue and you are in a bad mood, don’t worry, cool down. We’ll tell you how to fix this issue. Please follow the below-mentioned possible fixes one after the other until your Microsoft Teams Calendar works as it should.

Before we start let me mention quickly why this issue might have occurred, If you the cause, you might prevent it from happening the next time. A few possible causes might be connection problems with the Microsoft server, Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) can also cause issues, corrupted local files etc.

Fix 1 Log out and Restart:

Sign out/Log out from the Microsoft Teams account that you are currently using. Now close the app completely, by opening the task manager and right-clicking Microsoft Teams, then selecting end task. Now Open the Program again and see if works. What this does is establish a new connection with the program’s servers.

Fix 2 Open Microsoft Teams from a different Device:

If you are in a hurry and need to access your calendar as soon as possible, as a temporary fix, open the Microsoft teams from an Android device, iOS device etc. You can also try accessing Microsoft Teams from a Browser on your PC. If that doesn’t work, try accessing it from an Incognito Tab, to open one, you can press Ctrl+shift+N . This should most probably fix your issue.

Fix 3 Verify Exchange Online is enabled:

Microsoft team’s calendar is dependent on mailbox data to provide the necessary information. You must verify that your Exchange Online Plan is turned on. If you possess administrative access to your Microsoft Teams, you can simply enable your Exchange plan from the Admin Center.

If you don’t have administrative access, you can contact your IT representative to enable Exchange Plan for you. Once it’s done, see if the calendar works.

Fix 4 Unlink from AzureAD:

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access to guard against 99.9% of cyber-security attacks. Your organisation might be using AzureAD to manage Microsoft Teams. You can try unlinking your account from it. Follow these steps:

  • Sign out from your Microsoft account.
  • Run Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Enter command dsregcmd /leave.

Doing this will unlink your account from Azure Active Directory. Try accessing your Calendar, this might have fixed the issue.

Fix 5 Clear Cache:

The temporary files of the Microsoft Teams Program might be corrupted. You can try deleting them as their mostly old data or unnecessary data. To do so, follow these steps

  • Close the app completely, by opening the task manager and right clicking Microsoft Teams, then select end task.
  • Open Run Dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R, then type %appdata%\Microsoft\teams . And delete the data in the folder. Do the same for
    1. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\application cache\cache
    2. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\blob_storage
    3. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Cache
    4. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\databases
    5. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\GPUcache
    6. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\IndexedDB
    7. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Local Storage
    8. %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\tmp

Once you are done removing the files from these folders, manually restart you PC. after it turns on, check if your calendar is accessible.

Fix 6 Re-install Microsoft Teams:

If the problem persists after all the above fixes, try re-installing the Program. Uninstall the app from Control Panel > Uninstall or change a program > Find teams and right click, select uninstall.

After it’s done, Download the Microsoft Teams from their official website. Here’s the link . A fresh install should normally fix the previously existing errors. Most probably the issue you were facing will be solved.


These are the possible fixes for the Microsoft Teams Calendar not loading issue. I hope you have found solutions for your issue here. If we weren’t able to help you fix the issue, we’re sorry. You can contact Microsoft and explain your issue to their support team.

If you have any other issues regarding any other game, PC software related, or any issues at all, please feel free to let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have any other feedback, you also reach us at above mentions platforms. We would love to interact with our readers!

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