Minecraft Java Edition: Fix Minecraft Launcher Shows Play Demo Option On Active Xbox Game Pass

Fix Minecraft Launcher Play Demo Option On Xbox Game Pass

With the Xbox Game Pass App, you can play a variety of Xbox games on your computer and get the console experience. Your starting point can be as low as a dollar. This also includes the latest games that are released by for Xbox and Microsoft Store.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language

How to fix this error?

In this guide we will tell how you can fix the error in Minecraft Launcher showing Play Demo Option when you have active game pass. Follow all the steps to fix this error and play Minecraft on your Xbox game pass

Account Verification

  1. Start by going to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Check your account details by clicking on the profile button.
  3. Now launch the Xbox Game App and repeat the process.
  4. Now launch Minecraft Launcher and double-check your login credentials.
  5. Check to see if the same account is used for all of these stores, apps, and launchers.

Install Xbox Identity Provider

xbox identity provider
  1. Click on this link.
  2. To install the software, click Get.
  3. Open it once it’s been installed.
  4. Use the same Xbox game app account to log in.

Windows PowerShell Fix

windows powershell script
  1. Search for Windows PowerShell by using the Windows key.
  2. Run as administrator by right-clicking on it.
  3. Now paste the script below into the panel and hit enter.
  4. Allow some time for it to be done.
Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Updating Windows

windows update

When it comes to the performance of your windows, this step is critical. When you upgrade your Windows to the most recent version, you will notice a number of bug fixes as well as enhanced speed.

In order to update your windows, follow these steps one by one:

  • Press the Windows key, type settings, and then press enter.
  • The Windows update option may be found in the Update and Security section of Windows 10.
  • On Windows 11, you’ll see a Windows Update option in Settings.
  • Simply click on Check for Upgrades to obtain the necessary updates.
  • After the updates have been obtained, install them.
  • If it indicates your windows are up-to-date when you click Check for Updates again, you’ve updated them successfully.

Reinstall Minecraft Launcher

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Apps and Features.
  3. Search for Minecraft Launcher.
  4. In Windows 10 simply click on it and uninstall.
  5. For Windows 11 click on the three dots and then uninstall.
  6. You can uninstall the launcher from control panel too.

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