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Fix New World Error Steam Must Be Running To Play This Game

New World has gained massive popularity over a couple of months, with a total review reaching to 100k and 13.82 million total players, and the live count of players that play new world every day is about 1.31 million.

Recently, players started facing the issue while launching New World with the error “Steam Must Be Running To Play This Game” and steamclient64.dll file issue. In this guide we will talk about how you can easily fix this issue.

This mostly error is because by the new update client from steam and the game update itself causing such an issue to the players, and they are unable to launch and play one of their favorite game.

“Steam Must Be Running To Play This Game” Error Fix

New world error fix steam
  • First, go to task manager by pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+ESC” and close any instance of the game running in background. Click on more details to expand the task manager.
  • Now open steam and in the library find New World.
  • Right click” on New World and click on “Manage” and then on “Browse Local Files”.
  • In the game folder, right-click on the file “NewWorldLauncher.exe” and go to properties.
  • Click on compatibility tab and then uncheck the “Run this program as an Administrator”.
  • Then click on Apply and then hit Ok.
  • Also delete the steam_appid.txt file if present, otherwise skip this step.
  • Do not launch the game from “NewWorldLauncher.exe”.
  • Launch the game from the steam library or you can go to the installation folder and then open the bin folder and there you will find “NewWorld.exe”.
  • Open that file.

Repair EasyAntiCheat

new world error fix steam
  • Now open steam and in the library find New World.
  • Right click” on New World and click on “Manage” and then on “Browse Local Files”.
  • Open the folder EasyAntiCheat.
  • Right click on EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe and run as administrator.
  • Select New World in the bar.
  • Click on repair and then click finish.
  • Now head over to your C drive and open program files x86 folder.
  • There you will find EasyAntiCheat and do the same as above.

“steamclient64.dll” Fix

  • Download the older file by clicking on this link.
  • Copy and paste this file in the steam installation folder.
  • Head over to the C drive and open program files x86 folder.
  • Find steam folder and paste the file in that folder and overwrite the file.

Follow these steps to get your error fixed, and then open the game from the steam library.

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Yuvraj Pratap Singh

Yuvraj is a writer, metal head, and an RPG Lover. He covers articles on various gaming genres and technical topics for FutureGamingio. Most of the time you will find him browsing through new steam releases, what's new in the tech industry and watching anime.

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