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How to Fix Login & Server Authentication Error in BGMI

BGMI, Battleground Mobile India, is one of the most playable Battle royale games where you can see lots of in-game features as well as bugs & errors, the most common error is the login error in BGMI.

When logging into BGMI, gamers may see an error message that says “Server Authentication Error, Login Failed” It indicates that the device is unable to connect to the servers, and there are a number of possible reasons for this error.

We’ve prepared a list of possible causes for this problem, as well as how to resolve them. So if you have this error in BGMI, you are not alone this can be fixed easily.

How to Fix Server Authentication Error in BGMI

To start resolving Server errors in BGMI, you need to follow some points that we have arranged in order to fix all the login errors in the game.

1) Fix Internet Issues

The first very basic reason for the server issues can be because of your bad internet connection. Make sure your wifi or cellular data is working properly, by testing the internet speed.

Check it by downloading any net speed/ ping checker app, and check if your uploading speed and ping are low, if it is high and takes time to display the results, it is definitely your internet issue.

Also, Close any VPN (Virtual private network) if activated and running in the back, it can lower down your speed unless you are using a trusted and paid VPN application.

2) Close Background Apps

The second reason for your server-related issues can be because of the applications which are running in the back and consuming a larger portion of your internet speed.

Make sure to close all the background running apps, which are different methods for every android device, search for background apps in your mobile device, and close every app that you think is useless.

3) Restart your Phone

Another method, which is not the main point for fixing the server issues, but if you are using cellular data, it can be one of the reasons that the connection is glitched or some network settings are incorrect.

Try to turn off and on the Airplane mode or Restart the phone directly, to see if the server issue is fixed or not. If it is not fixed, then you can definitely believe it’s a server problem, which is explained in the next step.

4) Server Related Issues

If you had tried every step above and found nothing helped and you are still getting the server authentication error message, then you don’t have to do anything because the server of the BGMI is down.

Sometimes, due to heavy load or some update, BGMI may go in a server error loop or get stuck while playing. It means the error is related to the official BGMI server. You just need to wait for the developers to work on the issue and fix it for you.

How to Check BGMI server is Down or not?

Currently, there is no direct way to check if the servers are down for the BGMI, to do so, you need to be get updated with the official BGMI website or their social media handles. Check out the official BGMI notices and check if there is an announcement for server down or not.

If they had made notice about the downtime of BGMI, then you can easily get to know about the BGMI server status.

This is how you can fix all the server-related issues in the BGMI, make sure to follow the official BGMI social media, in order to keep updated with the server-related issues that occur again in the future.

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