[Fix] Splitgate – How to Fix Server Queue | Fix Server Login Error

Splitgate server error

Splitgate is currently booming on the gaming community which is called a mixture of Halo and the Portal PC game which is now getting sudden of players online.

Splitgate is a combination of Halo and Portal which is a free multiplayer FPS game which is developed by the company called 1047 games. This game is available not only for PC, but also for Playstation as well as Xbox series.

Splitgate Servers Issues

The game was available only for the beta till now, but rapidly there is a huge increase in players who are trying to get logined into splitgate but getting an error at last which says – “You have been placed in a queue to prevent servers from above capacity. Queue times may be long”.

Because of the rapid growth in number of players over 100,000, the server crashed and those who were already playing or in the match, got kicked instantly as the server closed.

Later after, the official Splitgate twitter handle account tweeted, about this telling about their success as well the recent server crash on the splitgate servers.

By Splitgate twitter –

How to Fix Splitgate server Queue Error?

Before getting into how to fix the Splitgate server queue error, let us talk if we can fix a queue completely now or not.

Now if you Run Splitgate, and you will see “Checking server status”, just after this message if your game opens, its fine you are not getting any type of queue in the game.

Mostly you will see the Error coming, like saying you have been queued because of the players limit, so here are some ways you can bypass the queue, this is not a trick, but this can work for most of you guys to get removed from the queue and get into the game.

1. Wait for the Queue to End

This is not a ultimate solution to end the queue, but yes this actually works. Having patience and waiting for Queue to end is the only working solution which is working.

just wait for few seconds or minutes until you are logged in into the game.

2. Restart the game

If the first method of waiting for the queue does not works, if there’s been hours till waiting for the game, the only way to fix this is to restart the game and again wait for the queue.

Restart the game, and check if this fixes or not.

When will be the servers back Online?

Talking about the servers being online, as tweeted by the Splitgate twitter handler, its still struggling and improving day by day.

As tweeted, we can get the understanding about how they are currently working 24/7 on the server issues, and the developers are giving their full time into fixing this.

We will get the sever issues fixed very soon, as heard by the splitgate team. Follow use to get the recent and latest update about splitagate, which will be posted here.

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