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How to Fix An Unexpected Authentication Error in DayZ

Dayz is one of the best hardcore open-world Survival games, which is best for the ones who like hardcore survival games where you need to stay alive while battling to save yourself.

There are lots of Bugs and errors in Dayz, which makes the game a bit unstable, there are many errors in the Dayz which can be slightly annoying for the players.

Here are some quick basic guides that will help you to fix the most common errors in Dayz easily without doing much.

Dayz Unexpected Authentication Error

When you try to run the game, whether it is on PC, PS, or Xbox you might see this error which is very common nowadays, which is the “An unexpected authentication error occurred. please restart the application”

Is Dayz Server Down Today?

Most of the server issues can be seen because of the downtime of dayz. First, make sure the servers of Days are up and working properly. If you find it down, you may not worry as it is totally developers’ work, and will be fixed soon.

At the current, the issues for this error are only announced by the Xbox official support on Twitter. It means the developers are really working on the servers and fixing them for you.
So make sure to follow them, and also have a look at Games Downtime Detector for the downtime reports.

How to Fix Dayz Unexpected Auth Error (Error 0x000400e1)

This Unexpected Authentication causes due to some unexpected response data which may occur due to server-related problems or other internet-related issues. Follow these tips which can fix all errors in Dayz.

  1. Restart Stream Client first, make sure it is not causing because of the steam
  2. Verifity the Game integrity. Go to the Dayz under library, under properties -> Local Files -> verify the game files there.
  3. Check for Dayz Downtime, if down or not by following these Dayz Twitter handle & Dayz Reddit Page – Check the users comments as well to make sure you are not the only one with the error.
  4. Also Check if Steam is Down or not, follow this link to check downtime of steam.
  5. For Playstation and Xbox users, check for Dayz Downtime here –
    Playstation – Check here
    Xbox – Check here
  6. At Last make sure to check your internet connection properly by using any internet speed detector, and if are getting enough pings or not.
  7. Restart your PC, Xbox or Playstation to see any changes.
  8. Just Wait. The error has been addressed by the developers, and it will be fixed soon in the next update.

By following these steps, you will be sure if the problem is occurring is from your site or it is server-related. Make sure to check every social media handle of the game for quick updates regarding the downtime.

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