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How To Fix Valorant Not Opening/Launching On PC (Guide)

This article is a list of common solutions to of the worlds most popular FPS refusing to boot up. With each and every update more and more players are facing similar issues, rather than scrolling through multiple reddit posts, you can find compiled tested fixes here.

How to Fix Valorant crashing repeatedly?

Run Valorant as administrator:

To run Valorant as administrator you simply need to right click on the icon, then select the option and allow Riot Games to make all its underlying services a priority. This will help in priority issues which may be clashing with your systems scheduling.

Update graphics card:

If your graphics card is not up-to-date, this can cause a common issue too.

– Players with Nvidia Cards:

  • Download and Install Nvidia GeForce Experience.
  • Navigate to the Driver tab and click Download once it has performed the automatic scan.
  • Click Install and let the app update your graphics card. A system restart maybe required.

– Players with AMD Cards:

  • Download and install AMD Radeon Software.
  • Click on the Check for Updates button under the Driver and Software menu on the right side.
  • A system restart will be required once the app has installed the required drivers.

Reinstall Vanguard/Valorant:

A last stop solution is to reinstall Valorant completely. To do this, navigate to control panel.

Find Uninstall a program in Control panel.

Click on Uninstall a program, Look for Valorant in the list (Alphabetically Arranged)

Look for valorant in list of programs

Double click Valorant and the system should automatically uninstall Valorant and all its dependencies including Vanguard.

Riot Help Codes:

Did none of these solutions work for you? Below is a link to a list of riot help codes, look for the exact problem and find the riot-approved solution for it.


The last stop solution is to submit a help ticket to riot themselves. This will require you to log-in to your account. The link for this is below.


I hope your problem was fixed by one of these solutions. If not, comment below!

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