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How to Fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working Guide

WWE 2k22

The 9th installment in the 2k WWE games WWE 2K22 was released on 8th March 2022 for players to experience all around the world. The last few games in the series left wrestling fans very disappointed as many felt the games were very buggy, unfinished, and did not have anything new. But the new game is a clear improvement compared to previous games and a step in the right direction.

Many players are facing the problem of their gamepad not working in the game, so here we are to tell you a few ways that may solve this problem for you.

Some Possible Fixes

Here are some of the possible fixes to make your controller work in-game –

1. Restart Computer, Game, and Controller

Before trying anything else you should simply try to restart your game, controller, or pc as this is one of the most common solutions for controllers not working in many other games too, and has worked out for many players.

2. Disconnect all other external devices and try big picture mode
You should also try to disconnect all the external devices like keyboard, mouse, printers, etc., and only plugin your controller while playing the game. You should also try to use your controller in the steam big picture mode and run the game from there using your controller.

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3. Some settings you should try
Here are some settings you should try to change to make your controller work –

  • Steam overlay – You should keep your screen overlay enabled while playing WWE 2k22, you can do this by right clicking the game in your libraby and going to properties, where you will find the option to turn on the overlay.
  • Controller Settings – You can go to the controller settings from steam settings on the top left, from the controller option go to the general controller settings. Now depending on what controller you are using you should enable configuration support.
  • Uncheck Controller – If changing the controller settings does not work go to general controller settings again and uncheck all configuration support and try running the game.
  • Steam input – Right click the game icon in library, go to the game controller settings and try running the game after enabling steam input setting and if that doesnt work try running the game after disabling it.
  • High performance mode- You should also try to run the game on high performance mode, this can be done by selecting the game’s exe file in graphics performance preference setting in windows.

4. Try DS4
If all the steps mentioned above don’t work for you, try using the 3rd party application called the DS4 which can help the game detect your controller and you can also customize your controller setting easily through DS$ itself.

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Hope these tricks helped you get your controller working in the latest 2k entry, WWE 2k22.

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