Floppy Knights Beginners Guide: Strategies, Commanders, More

The game: Floppy Knights is an old-school strategic limited turn-based deck building rpg game produced by the ‘Rose City Games’. There is a retro-technology and magic fusion which makes the story of the game more adventurous and cute. The game released in the year 2021.

Rework & Rethink

This grid-based battlefield would surely make everyone rethink the strategy in mind as it would depend upon the commander and the player’s uses. Not only this, but it would also need the reworking of the decks to decide your strategy between fights for every new challenge. Everything is just a click away.

Input Cards Rework Floppy Knights image
Cards Arrangement on Deck

Upgrades Through Alchemization

You could upgrade your cards in the ‘Trevor’s alchemy’ which would cost bonuses, won through clearing objectives. So, the players need to win and complete the objectives to level up, which would greatly test out the problem-solving skills.

Alchemization_Bonuses Floppy Knights image
Upgrade using bonus in Trevor’s Alchemy shoppe

Environment & Levels

The battle environment gets different at every level, ranges from snowy mountains to the sunshine coastal regions, and it feels special every time. The game consists of various levels which are numerous, each composed of its own objectives.

Objectives world map Floppy Knights image
Objectives in world map
Rewards and Bonuses Through Objectives Floppy KnightsIMG
Rewards and Bonuses by Winning Objectives

Categorize The Powerful Knights

This game is purely based upon the player’s selection of knights, which are right for the objective of the job taken. Options are available in the form of cards categorized into teams – such as the lush plants, mischievous hooligans, and more, each having their own specialty of power.

Commander Knights_Floppy Knights image
Varied Commanders with their own power speciality

For more information related to the game, just refer to the videos here from the youtube channels.

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