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FNAF Security Breach: All Daycare Generator Locations

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is Steel Wool Studios’ newest first-person survival horror game, where you play Gregory, a young boy who is locked within a Pizzaplex and must survive until daylight while learning the truth about the weird animatronics trained to hunt against intruders.

In the game, In order to complete the task which is to Turn on the Generators which is a total of five, you need to find them first in the daycare.

So here in this post, we are going to locate all the Daycare Generators that you can easily find and turn them all, in order to complete the mission successfully.

Need of Daycare Generators

The whole story starts with finding the security badge. Gregory enters the daycare to look at the badge inside the security desk to let him go inside. After entering the daycare sun drop warns him to remain the light off and not turn them on.

But, after you tricked sundrop and go inside to care for the security badge, you will encounter Moondrop. The Moondrop When Gregory takes the badge and destroys the lights on the security station, Sun evolves into Moon, which is far from harmless.

You’ll need to activate five generators situated across the daycare’s several playing areas to restore electricity and block Moon.

All FNAF Security Breach Daycare Generator Locations

Finding All Generators might be a little tough, make sure to knock some stuff to distract the moondrop in between, also make sure you don’t get confused with the red light which looks basically the same as Moondrop and the Generator.

First Generator

Just after the sundrop transforms into the moondrop, from the security desk, go towards the playing area, right of the slides, enter there which looks like a maze. Go Left, Right, Left, Right in order to find the first Generator.

Second Generator

Now, Exit that area passing through slides that were on the right side, Go straight you will see the pink wall, then turn left to that and go on the ramp upper side into the playing area.

There will be two ways, don’t go on the extreme left, a little ahead move forward to the way, until you see a pink wall barrier. Pass through that, turn to the right side, until you see the second generator.

Third Generator

After finding the second one, go back and turn the first left turn by the purple wall. Go straight and turn right to the yellow slide which is opened from the top. Don’t go left after the yellow slide. After the green wall, go left, then go up on the right with the curve you will see the third generator.

Fourth Generator

Just after the third generator, go to the left of the generator, which goes right and then left. You will see a slide that goes down, just after you move down, check the left side for the fourth generator.

Fifth Generator

After the fourth generator, move back to the slides back to the top, then move right, then right to the ramp. Then just go straight where you will see three stars through the cage. Move Left to that, then to the right until you see the red-colored stairs (small bridge).

Go straight to that and enter another cage-like area that is red in color. Go to the Left, Right, Right to the top with the ramps. Move Left, Left, Left (3 times) until you see the last generator there.

Now you have successfully located and turned on the generators at the daycare, the lights will be turned on at the daycare and the mission will be completed!

Still, Confused? Don’t worry we got the right video for you, this will help you to find all the five generators very easily in just a few minutes.

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