FNAF Security Breach: All Arcade Breaker Switches Locations

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is the latest first-person survival horror game from Steel Wool Studios, in which you play Gregory, a young boy who is locked inside a Pizzaplex and must survive until daylight while learning the truth about the strange animatronics trained to hunt down intruders.

In the game, In order to complete the task which is to Reset 3 Breakers scattered across west arcade which is a total of three, you need to find them first in the West arcade.

Need of Breaker Switches

The Freddy tells grogery that you are locked out by the security and they know he is here, and suggest you reset all three breaker switches.

You will need to repair the staff robot which will help you to operate the kart. To fix that, you will need to go to the west Arcade and find the breaker switches.

So, In order to dismantle Roxy, you will need that staff head to be repaired immediately. Follow the locations to find all the three breaker switches in order to complete the mission.

All FNAF Security Breach Breaker Switches Locations

To get the task done, firstly you need to take attention and avoid any disturbance in that area. This can be a little difficult task if you get spotted somewhere. Roxy, Chica, Staff Bots, and even the DJ will be there, make sure you don’t get caught while doing this.

We had added the right video for you, this will help you to find all the breaker switches’ locations easily in order to complete the mission.

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