Fortnite: Drake Map Guide (How to Find & Use) 2022

Fortnite, arguably the most famous battle royale game in the industry, has released a new season. This multiplayer battle royale game developed by Epic Games has a massive player base. Often Epic Games collaborates with other franchises to add new and interesting elements to the game.

One such new element is the “Drake Map.” This map is from the Uncharted franchise and is present in season one of chapter three in Fortnite. Follow this guide to learn how to find and use “Drake Map” in Fortnite.

How to find and use Drake map in Fortnite.

To find the Drake map in Fortnite, you have to equip your character with specific items. The first item is the wrap skin called “Back Bling.” The second item is also a wrap and is called “X Marks.”

After equipping your character with these items, you can start your matches. There is no particular location where the “Drake Map” spawns. You will need to experiment and search chests in different locations on the map. You can try to find it in places similar to the “Vault” in “Covert Caverns.”

After acquiring the Drake map, equip it from your inventory. Once you have equipped it, orange marker lines will appear on the screen that will guide you to the treasure’s location. The treasure location won’t appear on your map. You will have to follow the marker lines.

Drake map
Drake Map.

Once you have reached the location of the buried treasure, dig it up by using your melee weapon. The chest will have amazing loot and will make the treasure hunt worthwhile.

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