Fortnite Exotic/Mythic Weapons Season 8 : All Locations

fortnite season 8

How can you easily dominate others player when you have the right aim, game sense and map knowledge? Just simply get high tier weapons which includes exotic/mythic weapons you can find on Fortnite season 8.

These weapons have increased damage and provide special feature to your character which benefits you in winning the game in the season 8 Fortnite. In this guide you will find all locations where you can find these exotic/mythic weapons in season 8.

Exotic Weapons

  • Shadow Tracker
  • Night hawk
  • Burst Pulse Rifle
  • Marksman Six Shooter
  • Storm Scout
  • Chug Canon

Mystic Weapons

  • Doctor Slone’s Pulse Rifle
  • Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun

Chug Cannon

This weapon doesn’t have a gold cost, so you can get it easily and the spawn is random. The NPC that provides this weapon is Loot Llamas. Firing the Chug Cannon at a friendly player or yourself will heal them for a small amount of effective health.

The Chug Cannon does not use ammo pickups, instead it will regenerate ammo passively when in the player’s inventory. It also takes up two slots in the player’s inventory, while normal weapons take one.

Shadow Tracker

The Shadow Tracker is a Pistol in Fortnite. The unique feature of the Shadow Tracker is that hitting an opponent will ‘mark’ their location for every member of the squad. This gun offers damage to 29 and fire rate of 6.75

This weapon can be obtained from Maven, who is found at Dinky Dish. You can obtain this weapon by trading 400 Bars with her. Additionally, it is possible to get it as a random drop from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine.

Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle

This weapon is a bolt action sniper rifle that fires a single, fast moving, projectile bullet, which is affected by gravity. It has a scoped attached on top of the gun and has only a bullet in its magazine.

The Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle can be purchased from Pitstop at Boney Burbs for 500 Bars. This rifle deals 116 Damage per shot (38.3 damage per second) and has a headshot multiplier of 2.5x.

All NPC’s Locations

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