Fortnite: FNCS Global Championship Community Cup Guide [Get Champion Kyra & Cosmic Infinity Skins Early]

Want free Fortnite skins before they release in the item shop? Join the FNCS Global Championship Community Cup on October 7. This duo event offers a chance to unlock cosmetics like Champion Kyra and Cosmic Infinity.

What Is the FNCS Global Championship Community Cup?

Fortnite hosts this duo cup before the FNCS Global Championship finals. The live event happens October 13-15 in Copenhagen.

The community cup lets players get hyped for the finals. Compete to win FNCS-themed skins and items. They unlock in your locker before the item shop release.

When Is the FNCS Global Championship Community Cup?

The event falls on Saturday, October 7. Check the schedules per region on the Fortnite Competitive website. You can also see start times in-game on the community cup page.

What Can You Unlock in the FNCS Cup?

Winning duos earn eight free cosmetics:

  • Break Through Lobby Track
  • Competitive Crest Back Bling
  • Competitive Slicer Harvesting Tool
  • Soaring Shield Contrail
  • Recoil Reactor Wrap
  • Victory Trophy Emote
  • Champion Kyra Outfit
  • Cosmic Infinity Outfit

The number of winners varies per region. But everyone can buy these items in the shop starting October 9 at 8 PM ET.

How to Play the FNCS Global Championship Community Cup

Grab a partner and select the Duos mode. The event happens in build mode, so practice building and editing.

Study the schedules per region and log in before start time. Queue up solos until your partner arrives. Then ready up together.

Play matches for the 3-hour timeframe. Try to earn as many points as possible through eliminations and wins.

The top-scoring duos in each region earn the FNCS cosmetics as prizes. If you don’t place high enough, you can purchase them in a few days.

Tips for Competing in the FNCS Cup

Here are some tips to help you compete:

  • Land somewhere unconested to loot up safely.
  • Play for late game by looting and farming mats.
  • Take smart fights and avoid storm fights when possible.
  • Focus on placement points before eliminations.
  • Claim high ground end game and hold it.
  • Keep an eye on moving zones and rotate early.
  • Carry healing items and extra mobility.
  • Stick close to your duo partner for assistance.
  • Communicate about your needs, enemies, etc.

With some practice and these tips, you can unlock the new FNCS skins! Good luck in the community cup. See you on the Fortnite island.

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