Fortnite: How to Get Custom Crosshair 2022 – Is it Bannable?

FPS gamers understand the value of a nice crosshair and its placement in a game, and Fortnite is no different.

Fortnite, the massively popular battle royale game by Epic Games, is often updated with new skins and other stuff that players may use to express their creativity and customize the appearance of their characters. Given how necessary customization is to Fortnite fans, finding out how to create a unique crosshair in the game is worthwhile.

How to Get a Custom Crosshair

This solution only works in Fortnite Creative mode. The procedure for creating a unique crosshair in Fortnite Battle Royale is detailed below.

  • Start Fortnite Creative, then enter your 1v1 map.
  • Open the My Island tab in the Fortnite Creative Menu game settings.
  • Select Devices, then choose HUD Messaging Device from the list of devices.
  • To make the device easier to use, place it and make it larger.
  • Select your crosshair under the message tab on the second screen after opening the device.
  • Basically, anything you type in the message box will serve as your crosshair in the Fortnite Creative 1v1 arena.

Unfortunately, the crosshair customization features found in other games, such as crosshair colour, centre dot thickness, fading crosshair, inner line thickness, and static crosshair are not present in Fortnite.

Finding a decent crosshair can still be loads of fun. The use of symbols like a dot, an asterisk, an “O”, or an “X” has been popular among players.

Custom Crosshair using Third-Party Software

With the use of crosshair overlays, third-party software lets you use a unique crosshair in any Fortnite game mode. However, Fortnite’s anti-cheat system may flag you for using these tactics due to the crosshair settings, which could lead to problems like account suspension or a ban.

If you’re still willing to risk, you may try it.

  • Open Microsoft Store and search for “Crosshair V2”.
  • Install this application.
  • Run the app, and you should see a crosshair on your screen.
  • Try running the game in Borderless or Fullscreen Windowed, if you cannot see the crosshair.
  • Use the F2 key to show or hide the crosshair menu. Here you will find the settings to change the colour, shape, and size of the crosshair.

You run a risk of being temporarily or even permanently banned when you use third-party software to get an advantage in-game. Because Fortnite’s anti-cheat software is fairly effective at catching such software, you should proceed at your own risk.

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