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Best Fortnite User Settings, Colorblinds, FPS Boost Season 8

There are lots of Fortnite Game settings such as user settings, Video Settings, Advanced Graphics settings that we need to look for the Fortnite this eight season.

After Epic games announced and released Fortnite Season 8, with lots of in game changes such as graphics with the new aliened theme which can be laggy and you may expereince some input delay in fortnite season 8.

Follow this guide to get the best Fortnite settings season 8, Colorblinds, Reducing Input delay and some little FPS boost for those who are getting lag this season.

The Possible Reasons for Lags & Shuttering in Fortnite

There are many reasons that causing you lags in Fortnite, but that not a single case here, if your game used to work lag free in past seasons, there can be the game updates which are causing lags on your PC.

System is not supporting Fortnite

Fortnite is not a heavy game, but it requires some RAM and graphics card to run properly or you will face some shuttering lag, and screen not loading problem in fortnite. This is common for average laptop users.

Game settings is not Optimized

The another reason your game is not working properly as expected is because of incorrect of false settings that you need to optimize to make it better, follow the post to fix game settings.

Graphics card driver is not Updated

Always make sure you are running the latest graphics card update, so that it can provide the game required settings that is needed to run the game.

How to Apply Best User Settings in Fortnite

To change user settings in fortnite, you can easily change directly from the game, by going to settings. You will be able to see Display, Graphics, Advanced Graphics there.

But, instead of doing that, you can simply copy paste our best Fortnite settings from here directly to the game installed location folder.

1) Search for Fortnite App Data Files

You need to go to your Fortnite game or user settings installed location in the drive, For this Go to windows search and Type %appdata% then Enter.

Go single back, and you will further see three folders there. Now Follow this Location
until you see Fortniteusersettings.ini user file there.

2) Delete the Old user Settings there

Before deleting the old user settings from the folder, make sure you make a backup of that file, if you want to revert back to your old settings.

Now after reaching to the location, Simply delete the Fortniteusersettings.ini there.

3) Apply new user settings

Now your old user settings is deleted, you will be needed to download new user settings for fortnite from here.

Download Settings : here

And after downloading and extracting the file, move it to the C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Fortnitegame\Saved\Config\WindowsClient location as earlier.

4) Change File Properties

To make sure the Fortnite is ready with the new settings, you need to change the Properties of that file.

Right Click the Fortniteusersettings.ini, and go to Properties.
Tick the check box Attributes : Read only, then Apply.

How to Reduce the Input Delay in Fortnite Season 8

There are lots of performance issue with the new season 8, one of the issue is High Input Delay in season 8 Fortnite.

Follow the below methods, by which you can reduce your Input delay to minimum as possible.

1) Reduce in game 3D Resoltion

This settings will reduce your input delay and gives you lots of FPS boost in the game, if you reduce the game 3D resolution. It is upto you how much you want to reduce them, but you should only reduce by 20 to 30% to maintain the game look.

  • Go to Fortnite Settings
  • Hover to Graphics Quality (Performance mode)
  • Reduce the 3D Resolution to 80%

2) Use Windows Game Mode Feature

This might does not seems great tip, but using game mode feature in windows can really help you avoid shutterings, lags and even more.

  • Search for Game Mode Settings in the Windows
  • Enable the Game mode there

3) Use Updated NVIDIA Drivers

It is always important to use the latest NVIDIA drivers that is supported with your system. No matter what game or season is, you must always use latest drivers to maintain the smoothness in the game.

To Update your drivers, Check the post : here

By these three methods, you can almost get around 0 Input delay in fortnite season 8, and you will see a major FPS Boost and in the game performance after this.

The Best ColorBlind Settings in Fortnite Season 8

Here are the best settings that you can use in fortnite Chapter 2 season 8, that will improve your game performance.

You can choose any Colorblind as you like, also you can try our recommended colorblind settings from here.

1) Best Colorblind Settings in game

  • You should select Tritanope Colorblind Mode
  • Strength 5

These Colorblind settings will help you in both day and night time, which is tested and the above settings works out well for this.

2) Best NVIDIA Color Settings Fortnite

The game colorblind settings are done, to make the game more colorful and improve colours, you can change some of the NVIDIA graphics driver from the panel itself.

1) Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking the icon on desktop.
2) Click Adjust Desktop Color Settings under “Display” Tab on the Left side.

Now here you can change any settings as your own color likings or follow the above screenshot which will help to distinguish colors between the enemies, grass, buildings easily, and you can improve the gameplay.

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