Fortnite: Top 5 Rarest Pickaxes You Can Get in 2022

Pickaxe is one of the most significant tools in Fortnite. Use your pickaxe and you will gather resources that can be traded for better weapons or used to build structures.

In the game, pickaxes can also be used as a weapon to deal damage. The pickaxe can be used early on in the game to defeat adversaries close to your drop zone even if it is not the strongest weapon available.

Here’s our list of the rarest pickaxes in Fortnite.

Raider’s Revenge


The pickaxe from Raider’s Revenge is a hefty weapon with a rustic appearance. It was made public during Season 1 and costs 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase in the shop.

The Raider’s Revenge was available way back in Chapter 1 of Season 1. Very few players had the chance to buy this pickaxe because the battle pass system wasn’t quite as developed as it is today and the game was in its early stages.

The Raider’s Revenge pickaxe is the rarest in the game because it hasn’t appeared in any form since it made its debut in Season 1.

Axe of Champions


The FNCS Axe of Champions, which is only available to players who have won the Fortnite Championship Series, is the most exclusive pickaxe in the game. Much with that requirement, it becomes even more uncommon because you have to be the reigning champion to possess it. You will no longer have access to this unique skin when another player overthrows you.



The Drumbeat, which is a piece of the Flower Power set, is the rarest pickaxe according to the fact when it last appeared in the Item Shop, independent of any kind of battle pass.

It appeared on September 2, 2018, in Chapter 1 of Season 5.

Tooth Pick


The Tooth Pick originally appeared in Chapter 1 Season 1 in 2017. Unlike the Raider’s Revenge, it has subsequently returned to the Item Shop, but that was over a thousand days ago.

The Tooth Pick does not come in a set. Its prehistoric look is distinctive and unrelated to any other cosmetics.

Pile Driver


Due to its low stock in the marketplace, the Piledriver is one of the most uncommon skins in Fortnite. The skin hasn’t been seen since August 22, 2018, when it was last spotted in the store. A white eagle decal is applied on a padded mallet that is the Piledriver’s design. The Piledriver is unquestionably a standout pickaxe in the game right now.

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